It’s Sunday Funday!!

The words ice, freezing rain and thunder sleet have all been used by the weather men here in the DFW area.  

This means all North Texans are currently storming the grocery stores to stock up on water.  Why? I don’t know.  We will all be thawed out by mid-day on Tuesday.

We just want to make sure we all have enough dog food, cat litter and most importantly, dog & cat treats.  Taking care of friends, the four-legged kind, should be top priority.

While we all plan for the cold weather.  Let’s make this a Sunday Funday by seeing what our Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) dogs and cats did this week.

Donner (now Dash) spent a few days visiting Tugger
while his new family were on a pre-planned family vacation.
Dempsey taking a break from the center.
He is visiting a foster home while we wait out the ice.


Annie visited the Katy Trail Ice House.  She is looking for her forever home.


Bradley went to his foster home & is getting so much love!
Marianne did great after her spay surgery!
We received a wonderful update on Wags.
He is coming so far in his foster home!
CC (a TMHPR alumni) searching for treats in the basket
that her Mama won at the Volunteer Appreciation event.
Chief did lots of playing in the Meet & Greet Room.
Yep, that’s his “Whoever smelt it, dealt it” look.  🙂
We just love our TMHPR fosters and alumni!  It is always fun to revisit the week through their moments.
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