If Our Pets Had Thumbs!

So, today is If Pets Had Thumbs Day.

No, we aren’t kidding.

We don’t know who is in charge of these things, but we like it!!

So, we asked our foster volunteers what their foster pets would do, if they were blessed with the addition of thumbs.  

Here is what we learned.

Simon‘s temporary foster Mom is certain he would sneak a midnight snack by opening the Fancy Feast cans.

Dempsey‘s foster Mom believes that he would provide her a deep tissue massage.  What better way to use thumbs?  Oh, and to turn the water on in the tub to play.  Not sure he would turn it off though . . . 

Lydia‘s foster Mom is certain that she would use her thumbs to remove the photos of previous foster cats Georgia & Luke from the wall.  They creep her out!

Sweet Gracie?  Well, she would do a handstand if she could!

And Alumn Arya (previously Janet) . . . well she would turn the faucets on and off whenever she wanted a drink of water.

Well, we all know what Blaze would do, if he had thumbs . . . 

He would grab the cell phone and take more selfies!

So, what would your pet do if he or she had thumbs?  

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