Hunter Graduates from Circle Star!

That’s my, “I’m so happy to announce that I graduated from
Circle Star” yell!!
Let me catch you up.
So, I had my last week of camp and I didn’t stop working hard!!  My new buddy, Dewey joined me and we hung out
and played or took some great walks together.
Then came time to get all handsome.  Tamera from Circle Star kept saying that it
was almost time for grad-u-ation.  I had
no clue what graduation was, but come to find out it was a big party celebrating
little old me!
So, this great family (Dewey’s family) came to see me in my
cap and helped me receive my certificate, which was very helpful on account
that I don’t have thumbs.
Well, surprise, surprise, surprise!!!  Dewey’s family said that they were so proud
of me that they were taking me home.  A
Home!!  I am going to do my best to mind
my manners, so this can be my Forever Home!

Yes, I am smiling.

Check back later for more updates on my progress.  I sure am hoping that this home becomes my
Forever Home!!!  Living with Dewey and
his family would be WAY COOL!!

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