Hunter: FINAL Week at Circle Star!!

Hey, it’s me Hunter!!  

Can you believe this is my LAST week at Circle Star?  I mean in the beginning, I wasn’t so sure about this East Texas get-away, but I must say it has been pretty great.

I graduate on Saturday morning.  Gonna kinda miss this crazy place.  I sure hope Elise has taken my requests seriously.  My list of “demands” as many may call it.  Golf cart, paddle boat and yes, massages at the end of the day!

Seriously, I have a new buddy named Dewey.  He and his family have come to visit me several times this month.  And I’m told that they may adopt me!!  Dewey has been out here for a week, so we can get to know each other.  I’m gonna try really hard to not herd him when I get home.  I have to remember he is my little buddy — not a sheep.

Here are my photos that I want to share!!  I will see everyone real soon.  Oh, and I hear Tiger is coming out here for a month.  Dude!!  You are going to LOVE it!!

Look at me on the bridge!

Working thru the weaving poles.
Me & Dewey on a walk.  He is a cool little guy.

I may be sheep shape, but I can take you!

Dewey!!  He is my new friend.

Thank you so much for helping me gain confidence and learn my manners.  I’m ready for a Forever Family!

Take Me Home Pet Rescue works with Circle Star Pet Resort to build the confidence our rescue dogs need to be successful in a home environment.  For more information about TMHPR, visit our website at

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