Hunter: Circle Star Post #2

Hey guys!!  It is me Hunter!!
Yep, I’m smiling!  I have learned that this camp thing is so much fun!!

So, as you know, I was chosen to go to Circle Star for 30 days of camp.  Here is an update with some new photos of my time at camp!!  

Day 5:  
Let Fitzroy know that I found his golf cart!
Na Na Na Na Na!!
And I’m having a great time hanging out with all of these women in the golf cart.  This totally beats walking everywhere!  Carolyn, we need a golf cart at the Adoption Center!!

It is Day 5 and I think I am getting the hang of this camp thing.  Okay, so I don’t look thrilled in this picture; however, that is only cause we stopped for the photo.  I see why my buddy Fitz loved the golf cart!  The wind in my face and the breeze through my hair!  Not to mention, I’m not walking everywhere!!

Day 6:  

I’m in love with this woman!
She is my soulmate.  They told me she is this kind to all the campers, but I think she has a thing for me.  We have a “real connection”.  And I thought that only happened to “The Bachelor”.

She is absolutely fabulous.  Look I’m sitting!  And we are in the shade for my photo this time! I think I’m falling in love.  Send my for my things, I could stare into her eyes for the rest of my fuzzy life!

Day 7:  

My first week is completed!!  I have three more weeks of this country-living lifestyle.  I kinda like all of this attention.  I mean, the women, the rides, the treats and wait a minute . . . . Fitzroy was getting massages at the end of the day . . . . 

Someone is holding out on this dog!  Take me to the masseuse!!

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