Hunter: From Circle Star!!

Hey Guys!!
It’s me, Hunter!!

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing from camp like I should have been.  But, I have to admit that this place is GREAT!!

I mean, it is turning out to be pretty good . . . .

Fitzroy was right on when he said the golf cart rides are great and the massages are out of this world!!

Anyway . . . . I’m not saying I was wrong about this camp stuff . . . can’t wait to get home and all that.  But, ummmmmm . . . .  gotta go . . .  it is time to play . . .  

Enjoy the pics!!!

This is me and one of my new buddies playing.


Fitzroy . . . eat your heart out.  This golf cart is awesome!
Tell Elise we need a couple of these back at the Adoption Center!
These massages are the perfect way to end a long day of training!
Are you sure that bridge will hold this sheep shape body?  Okay, I’m trusting you!
Was that a squirrel?  I mean, those little suckers will get ya, if you aren’t careful!


Can’t blame a boy for smiling when the massages are this good!
Yep, Fitz knew this was the dog’s life!
Okay, so this looks a little more stable for little ol’ me.
But, I’m scared of heights.  I had better get a massage after all of this work!
Risk versus reward.  Yep, the reward was worth the work.


Walks with a beautiful woman along the water . . . .

Hunter is doing so well during his time at Circle Star.  This boy is learning so much and gaining his confidence.  Way to go Hunter!!  We can’t wait to see what you have learned when you return from your adventure!!

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