Hero’s Transformation – Pupdate

We have all waited with hopeful hearts to share this good news.
Hero’s Transformation.

Here is his update . . . .

Hero Update Blog

We won’t lie to you and say it has been an easy road.  I mean we are talking about a 4 year old GSD who has been living on the streets and in the woods for “who knows how long”.

He was emaciated and sick.

But, as he got stronger, it was evident that he needed space and structure.


Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) could only offer so much to Hero.  We only have four kennels – we are foster based.  We provided him with high value food, raw goats milk, probiotics, and coconut oil to build up his immune system and rebuild his body mass.  He enjoyed walks, play and lots of love.


But, as his hair and muscle mass increased, so did his strength.  Now, please understand that Hero has no aggression in his BIG body.  He just had strength.  And he was a teenager who had never had proper instruction.  So, TMHPR knew we needed help.  We needed experts to help us continue Hero’s Journey.


This is the face of a big ol’ teddy bear who just needed a bit of guidance.  So, we went to our supporters and donors and asked for quite a bit of money.  Enough money to send him to a train and board facility that Dogrrr helped get Hero into, All Dogs Unleashed.  They are here in the DFW Area and they were wonderful.


Due to the love and support of our followers, we raised the money to send Hero for 3 weeks of training.  AND we will be able to cover heartworm treatment!!  This boy knows a better life because of everyone working together!


This is Hero today.  He has been transferred to Good Shepherd Sanctuary where he has been paired up with a friend, Princess.  He will continue his training, go through heartworm treatment, has lots of room to move around and will eventually be adopted into a loving home of his own.  How is that for a Happy Beginning??

At a time where we so much unrest in society, it is fabulous to see groups of people come together for one goal – Hero’s Transformation.


We did good!

We ALL did good!

Hero’s journey does not end here!  It is only beginning.  We will work to continue to keep you updated.  It is transformations like this that we all need to see and hear as we work in the rescue community.  Thank you to everyone who donated, prayed and shared his story.  We couldn’t do it without you.

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  • Outstanding! The ultimate RESCUE STORY. not surprised in the least. Wonderful people coming together to help a sweet soul.

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