Have you ever thought about fostering?

Post by Trish Manche

I talk to people at least once a week who say “I could never foster because I would end up keeping them all”. Let me just give you this with a different spin. Is it better to not foster and have this pet lose its life rather than love it for a while and find a loving forever home to pass it on to?

Almost every pet I have ever fostered could have easily become my forever pet! A couple have been adopted by me, but most have moved on to other loving families. Every dog or cat I foster is an opportunity to give that pet a new and better experience as part of their second chance at a good life.

By fostering, you are saving or changing a dog’s or cat’s life. Animals left on the street or in a shelter go through a traumatic life change including fear and abandonment of the only home many have ever known. Although people believe that instinctively dogs and cats were once wild and can live on their own, once they have lived as a pet in your home this is no longer viable, and in fact, most pets are not suited for this life. However in rescue, we see people who have left their pets when they moved away, decided they no longer had time for the pet, or can no longer afford the pet, etc. People do not view pet ownership as a lifetime commitment for that animal. The humane ones are brought to shelters, although pets surrendered to shelters are among the first to be put down. Many of these pets are good family dogs, elderly dogs, or dogs with health issues, or perhaps dogs who just require a little training, love, or attention. Although this may sound harsh, it is better to bring them to the shelter than being left to fend for themselves on the street. The Lady Freethinker website quotes over 20,000 stray dogs a year are picked up in Dallas alone.

This is where rescues come in and try to assist. We do our best to pull these animals as quickly as possible, but it’s like trying to stop a firehose with a wine cork. There are so many great pets we want to help, but must have fosters to give these pets a chance. With fostering, the rescue provides everything needed from beds, food, treats, medications, and veterinary care. You provide a loving home, occasional transportation to the vet, and for TMHPR, a couple of hours a couple Saturdays a month to show them off. You get to shower that pet with lifesaving love and the opportunity to trust again. It’s like having the benefit of ownership without the expense.

While we cannot save them all (or adopt them all), please be part of the solution rather than the problem. We are always in need of foster homes to save these pets! If you cannot foster, donations and volunteers for other rescue activities are welcome. Fill out an application to volunteer or foster on our website today!

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