Have a Heart for Holly


What a great mom Holly is!
Holly kept her 6 puppies alive and safe while surviving a terrible hoarding situation. This sweet family of Australian Shepherd mixes was living in squalor using cardboard boxes and other trash for shelter. Food to nourish Holly and support her in nursing her puppies was scarce and usually consisted of stale pizza and leftover food. Fresh water was a luxury.



A local rescue group heard about Holly and the deplorable conditions she and her pups were living in. As December temps fell to below freezing, they knew they had to act.
On Christmas Night, after many hours of negotiating, the owner finally released Holly and her six pack of 4 week old puppies. This precious family was quickly transferred to Take Me Home Pet Rescue where they would be warm, safe, fed, loved and treated medically.
Holly continued to care for her young puppies at our Adoption Center until they were weaned and placed in foster homes. While at the Center, Holly became a volunteer favorite and was a sweet and loving mama to her pups Rudy, Donner, Merry, Dasher, Comet & Jingle
The pups are all doing great in foster homes and in the process of being adopted. Now its time for Holly to recover and find a loving home herself!
Holly always loved showing off her pups.


Baths for all babies.
Sadly, Holly came to us weak and covered with ticks and fleas. She had never received any veterinary care in her young life which of course included never receiving heart worm preventative. So as we suspected, she tested positive for heart worm.
Holly also carried in her frail body a host of intestinal parasites which required lots of diagnostic testing and different medications to cure her system and help her grow stronger.
She also endured several rounds of medications to cure her of a urinary tract infection.  Her body was so frail, fighting infection and parasites while trying to nurse her babies on very little nourishment for herself.
When Holly moved to her foster home, she was provided with the time and medications needed to make a full recovery.  Sweet Sonora (her foster sister) would lay near her to help nurse her back to health; and show her how to live the good life.
Learning to sun


Sonora comforting a sick Holly


Warm January Day with Sonora


Focusing on Holly was priority
Holly was recently spayed and experienced multiple complications which required several days of boarding at our veterinarian’s office, additional blood work, medications and monitoring which increased her medical expenses. We are now raising funds to help pay for Holly’s medical care including her expensive spay surgery and heart worm treatment.
Our vet’s best estimate is that it will cost $1485 for all of Holly’s medical expenses.
If you have a heart for Holly and want to see this loving mom get the medical treatment she needs and deserves, please consider clicking on her Razoo Page and donating.  Any amount helps us reach our goal for this sweet, sweet girl.
Thank you from all of us at Take Me Home Pet Rescue
Want to learn more about the Take Me Home Pet Rescue organization?  Please visit our website at www.takemehomepetrescue.com



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