Happy Tails: Little Canine Family Pupdate

Just two nights ago, Take Me Home Pet Rescue brought in a new (not so little) canine family into our Isolation (ISO) Room at the Adoption Center.  As we like to do, we go Live on Facebook to give our followers the opportunity to see what goes on during an Intake.

During this Live feed, someone asked about Jade and her puppies. So, we thought it was time to give one BIG update on sweet Jade, Juliet & Jay Boss.

This little canine family was the survivors of a freezing evening out in the open at a Dallas Park.  Jade had given birth birth to nine puppies in below freezing weather and only two babies survived.


Sweet Mama Jade has been living in a wonder foster home.  She has learned so much from the pack in the home about being a loved member of a family.  During this same time frame, her babies went to their own foster home and grew like weeds.   May just be one of the sweetest of families TMHPR has had.

Jade left the Adoption Center in January, a happy girl.  But, her body still needed to recover from her recent pregnancy.  She needed time to learn what living in a home was all about.

Her milk dried up, but she did not feel well.  She had a horrible uterine infection, so spay surgery had to be completed quickly, but her hip surgery had to wait.

Doesn’t she look great in this recent photo?  She has learned that meals come on time (usually).  Sometimes they have to remind their Foster Mom that their tummies are grumbly.  HA!

And her hair, skin and body has recovered from so much time out in the harsh Texas summer & the freezing winter.

Naps are something to be enjoyed.  No worries of being attacked by other dogs or hiding from humans.  Jade has learned that this is what life is all about.  And the BEST news!!  She will be going to her Foster to Adopt home this week!!  She is due for her FHO surgery for her hip.  If her blood work today is good . . . then that is a go!!

We are hoping that the surgery will be soon and she will be pain free!


Oh, little Juliet.  Our first little potato puppy.

We had a wonderful follower who sent a Saint Francis pendant to look over this family.  And we made sure each member of the little family had a chance to be covered by the prayers sent with it.

Juliet grew quickly, along with her brother.  They were in an experienced and fabulous Foster Home.  They were soon ready to join their families.

Juliet joined her amazing Forever Family, that included her canine sister, Bella.  Bella had recently lost her brother and she was definitely ready for a new playmate.

Once Bella learned that her puppy was not breakable, the games were on!!

And the bond cannot be broken between sisters.

Juliet’s new family has kept her name and the best thing . . . . the closed out Mama Jade’s Razoo, so she could have her hip surgery.  They wanted Juliet’s Mama to feel as great as she possibly could after she worked so hard to save Juliet and Jay Boss.

Jay Boss

Named for the South Dallas rescuer who rushed to help the little canine family, this little boy was such a Mama’s boy.  He LOVED his Mama.  There was no doubt that he survived because he stayed so close to her warm body out in the freezing temps.

Well, you can understand how excited we were when we found out that his Forever Family would be keeping his name . . . Boss!  And you see that Boss is in LOVE with his family!

We are really not sure if his little feet ever hit the ground!

Oh, wait.  They do.  I just wish he had some toys!

We love sharing these Happy Tails.  And we love how our followers & supporters help these little canine families make it to this point . . . . in loving homes, FOREVER!!

Stay in touch – and check back for an update on Jade’s move to her Forever Home!

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