Happy, Happy Tears!!

So often, our rescued dogs come from situations that bring tears to our eyes.  The pictures of our dogs who have been abandoned, starved or neglected.  We cannot fathom how a human can be so inhumane to a creature that would do them no harm.

So, when our dogs conquer their fear of humans,
the fear of new places,
the fear of open spaces,
the fear of kennels,
the fear of separation,
that is when we, as volunteers who cheer them on, cry tears of joy.
Joy because they are learning to trust again.
Learning to be carefree again.
Learning to play again.
Learning what being loved feels like again.
Learning what safe & secure feels like . . . sometimes for the first time.
So, here are some of those moments to share with you.  Our friends, family, neighbors, supporters and donors.  These are some of the amazing moments that happened this week.

Wags was adopted!!  

If you have not read his story, I encourage you to click over to the Animal Training Blog to read about his amazing transformation.  He was found locked in a small kennel where he had been for a very, very long time.  You cannot imagine what all was in the kennel with him until you see the photos.  The work that Mary Hunter did with this boy is nothing but miraculous. 

We wish you all of the best, sweet Wags!!  And keep us updated on your awesome life!

Holly was adopted!!
Sweet, sweet Holly was one of the Mama dogs who were brought in on Christmas night.  She was found with her litter of 6 in a terrible dog hoarding situation.  She loved showing her babies off when she arrived.  She then went through  difficult spay surgery and a tough heartworm treatment.  (Holly’s story here)
During these medical trials, she was learning to live in a home.  She was a timid girl who was very afraid of moving around the home on her own.  Her foster moms were awesome and gave Holly the love, support and most of all, the time she needed to learn that being loved was pretty great.
Holly, we all wish you the very best in life.  Spend your years eating meals, playing with toys and being loved on!
Oreo was adopted!
This amazing bundle of energy now knows how to chill in the comfort of a king size bed!  Oreo was one of five babies & her Mama, Chestnut, who were taken into the Balch Spring Animal Shelter when they were dumped in an industrial park.  (Oreo’s Story Here)
All of these dogs were brought into TMHPR just before their time was up at the shelter.  We nursed them through mange & kennel cough.  They are all now healthy and being adopted into some awesome homes who will love them forever.
These adoptions just bring tears to our eyes!  While adoption is the ultimate goal, we also shed tears over the accomplishments our dogs make along the way.
Check out Marianne!!
Yep, that is our Marianne taking a morning walk with a pack.  She has been in a foster home for over a month where she is learning so much!  Her Foster Mom has had to go out of town and she is visiting another foster home.
Knowing that this is not her “normal” pack AND she is comfortable!!  She is growing, learning and succeeding!!  Our Fosters are amazing as they work together to help these dogs.
WAY TO GO MARIANNE!!  (Marianne’s Story Here)
Remember our sweet Nala?
She is learning to enjoy & feel secure in her kennel.  We do not know Nala’s history, just that she was found wandering the streets in an ice storm.  So, her Foster Mom has been working to relieve her anxiety and help her feel safe and secure.
Here is a photo of Nala sleeping in her kennel.  Door is open and she is snoozing away!  Way to go Nala and our fabulous & amazing foster mom!
And just one more success story . . . . here is our Remi going to Doggie Daycare!!
And he did so well!!  Remi is our special needs Aussie who is blind in one eye and was not socialized his first year of life.  Instead, he was kept in a cage in the backyard for breeding.  
Way to go Remi!!  You are a success story!!
Our dogs make amazing strides every day.  And our amazing fosters are there to guide, encourage and cheer them on every day.  
For more information about our organization, please log on to our website at www.takemehomepetrescue.com

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