Happy Beginnings!!

So many times I hear, “Your stories are so sad.  How do you work in rescue?”

Yes, many times the beginning of a dog or cat’s journey is sad.  
Typically found outside, abandoned, neglected, suffering from the elements, hungry, hurt, sick, lacking trust in humans . . . . 
But, that is only the beginning of the journey.
When they enter the rescue and are cared for by the volunteers, you begin to witness the animal trusting in the caregivers.  Healing physically, emotionally and finally (with time) becoming the best animal they can be.
And then you are blessed with the opportunity to witness the end of the journey, that is when you realize that is just the Happy Beginning, not the Happy Ending to their forever life with their Forever Family.
Here are some of those Happy Beginnings for you to enjoy as well.
Sonora, abandoned in the backyard when her family moved.
Now hanging with her forever brother.


Heidi Ann is not the dog she was when she entered rescue.
Her amazing transformation due to her foster family.
Now with her forever family!


Apollo loving his new family & his forever little buddy.
Mazie (aka Merry) walking with her forever sister.
Mazie getting lots of love!
Comet playing with his forever four-legged brother.


And his two-legged brother too!


And Chive, from our Spice Rack!  Happy at her Forever Home!


From the same litter, Cinnamon with her Forever Family!


Nick loving his new Mom.  He was saved from Balch Springs just after Christmas.


Some of our best fosters are the youngest.  Here is Dasher getting love
from his foster brother.  He goes to his forever home this week!


Even Marianne’s puppies are finding their homes.  How time flies!
Here is Tanner going to his Forever Family!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make these Happy Beginnings happen.  TMHPR could not do it without the help from . . .  
Foster Homes, opening their homes up to animals as they wait for their forever home.
Adoptive Families, making the choice to adopt an unwanted animal instead of shopping for their new family member.
Volunteers, taking the opportunity to volunteer your time to care for these animals at the adoption center.  Reading to the cats.  Walking the dogs.  Cuddling the puppies.  Wrangling for photographs.  Answering the phone.  Cleaning for Meet & Greet.  Shuffling paperwork to make the process all happen.
Donations, in the form of towels, blankets, toys, food or money.  It all helps the TMHPR animals.  We could not take the next animal without the support of our friends and neighbors.  
If you are looking for a way to help, please visit our website or our Amazon Wish List for some ideas.
And remember, sharing our stories is always a way you can help, without costing you a dime.

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