Georgia Peach – Her story

Georgia Peach was found in a neighborhood in North Dallas the end of May. She was exhausted, hot and in need of medical attention. She had cuts to her front legs, neck and face. We will never know if she was dumped in this neighborhood or she made the decision on her own to leave her past behind. The cuts may be the result of barbed wire or a chain link fence but we don’t know for sure.

One of our dedicated volunteers stepped in and rescued sweet Georgia and brought her back to the adoption center. She was very unsure of her surroundings but understood we were there to help her.
After a visit to the vet and a much needed bath she settled into her temporary home.

The first day was an adjustment period. She wouldn’t walk outside so she was carried in and out. It just took a little soft talk, kind gentle hands and few hugs to gain her trust.


Everyone at the adoption center fell for this sweet girl. She received hugs and kisses all day long but a home environment is what she needed to thrive and gain confidence. A volunteer agreed to take her home after a quick introduction with her dog at the adoption center. Georgia Peach was on her way to a foster home with a loving family and a big foster brother.

It sure didn’t take this girl long for her frown to turn upside down. The following pictures are within several hours of arriving at her foster home.

She has adapted very well to a home life which leads us to believe she had one at one time. Georgia loves to be around people. A backyard life wasn’t in her cards. She needed a real home with a loving family that is home more often than not. She is a cuddle bug and prefers to be by your side. She will follow you around quietly just to make sure you don’t leave her at first.


As much as she loves to cuddle on the couch she is also very motivated to fetch. She can retrieve a ball and drop it without you asking her to…over and over again. She loves to play ball! She will also entertain herself if you provide something she really enjoys.


She is housebroken, walks well on a leash and is currently being crate trained. She does prefer the couch to the crate but what dog doesn’t. It may take her 30 mins to relax and take a nap but she will settle in.


She has not been cat tested, however, she is very reactive to squirrels and rabbits so we feel it would be best to either have an older cat that is less active or no cat.

She loves other dogs but her foster brother is much larger and barks a lot and she tends to be a little apprehensive with the barking. She has a submissive nature about her and we feel she could adapt to any loving home.

She has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and is now available for adoption. To meet this pretty 2 year old lady please contact us or fill out an application on our website.

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