Foster Story: A Second Chance

Chance is just one of many of the animals we take in that have rough beginnings and/or need ongoing TLC. Because of your donations, we can provide the care these animals need to get a great start to a better life.

North Texas Giving day is here, and we have just one day left to reach our goal of $50,000. If you haven’t already donated and are considering doing so, we still have time! Every little bit helps.

Chance started his journey with us after spending his days tied to a tree without adequate food or water. He was starved, dehydrated, dirty and had various wounds on his body. Now, a month later, his wounds have healed and he will never have to go hungry again.

A Playful Pup

We learned that Chance loves to be close to his foster parents at all times. He’s learned what toys are and has found his playful side, loves meeting new people and is always brightening days with his wagging tail.

Hard News to Swallow

Chance has Megaesophagus, which leaves his esophagus unable to properly transport food and liquid into his stomach. Chance needs to be upright during and after his meals to allow gravity to help food get to his stomach.

Some wonderful volunteers built Chance a Bailey Chair, or a doggie high chair, which allows him to eat upright. Meal time has already become easier. Chance now eats 4 meals a day and is slowly putting on weight.

Recovery and Care

Chance currently requires multiple medications and frequent vet visits to ensure he’s not developing any further complications with his Megaesophagus. Thanks to your donations, Chance is able to receive his daily medications and continuous care, which we are so grateful for.

Despite the obstacles that Chance has faced in his short life and the extra TLC that he requires, he continues to be the most loyal and friendly dog and has made a huge impact on us. We’re honored to be a part of Chance’s story.

With your help, more dogs and cats can get the same second chance.

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