Foster Homes: Learning from the Pack

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) was born out of the idea that the foster home is the best place for a rescued dog to begin his/her journey to a forever home.  Why is this, you ask?  (Yep, I heard you.)

TMHPR’s founder Elise built the TMHPR model based on one that takes the animal out of the shelter or off of the streets, spends a short amount of time in the Adoption Center to be temperament tested & vetted.

We then match them with a foster home to live in while they wait for their Forever Home.  This time table can take weeks or even months; however, the rescue always takes into consideration when a dog or cat is READY for their forever home.

And you have heard us gush about our foster home volunteers.  However, it is their pack that deserves much of the credit.  For example, Scarlette (photo above) is shown sitting & smiling between her foster sisters Stella & Sadie.  Scarlette’s story was featured in a blog post last week.  (Link to Scarlette’s story.)

Scarlette had been breeding stock and lived in the breeder’s backyard.  She was not socialized, not potty trained and was very scared of life in a home.  However, her foster Mom and the pack taught her that inside life was way more cool and not scary at all.

Scarlett’s foster Mom credits Stella with Scarlette’s training.  Scarlette has become a fabulous inside dog as she learned to trust and play with her foster siblings.  Scarlette is available for adoption.

Here are a few of our awesome packs that we want to show off!!  And how they do their jobs so well.

Meet Mr. Newmore’s pack.  (Includes two TMHPR Alumni)

If you have been following his story on Facebook, then you know Mr. Newmore.  Tough street dog, turned inside dog whose favorite toy is a a little birdie.  (Follow Mr. Newmore’s posts here.  His foster mom tells his adventures in a series of short stories that are sure to crack you up.)

You would think 5 in a pack was enough.  House full?  Not for this pack or foster Mom.  Mr. Newmore was welcomed in the home and is learning that street life is no life for a dog.

Packs teach the foster pups so much.

How to wait politely for a meal.

How to run zoomies.  (Yes, that is our very own TuggerTails teaching Amos!)

We have cat packs too!  And they even let dogs in their packs!

Here is Max’s pack showing him that you always smile for the camera!  (Max is available for adoption.)

Sometimes the pack is not so organized.

But, the best thing about a pack is how much they accept and love our foster dogs & cats.

Thank you to all of our foster home volunteers and their packs!

We are always in need of additional foster homes.  If you would like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please go to our website.


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