Fitzroy’s Journey Has Just Begun!


Like all of the dogs & cats taken in by Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR), Fitzroy has a story.  We don’t know the exact details of his story; however, we can speculate & very easily conclude that he has had a rough go at life on the streets.
Fitzroy came into the TMHPR Adoption Center last Wednesday from Balch Springs.  He is approximately 7 months old and is 28 pounds.  He is a little guy that is sure to have some shepherd in him with those ears that are perched on his head.
He came in to care with over 30 puncture wounds that we believe are the results of a larger dog or coyote attack.  Based on the number of wounds, we are amazed that he managed to get away from the large animal.
He right ear has a large gash.
Left side is very painful due to puncture wounds.
But, no matter what he has endured on the streets, the experiences have not broken his loving spirit for all those who come into contact with him.
He was a bit cautious as he was coaxed out of his dog run for a bit of fun in the Meet & Greet room on Thursday.  Once he was aware of the offering of treats, he was game for a little interaction.


Large puncture wound on his back from the jaws of a larger animal.

We were able to check him over as we carefully loved on him.  And in no time we were getting kisses for a little love, attention and chicken treats.  We were amazed at his willingness to trust us when we knew how much pain he must be in with all of those wounds.

We quickly got the word out that Fitzroy is truly amazing, but is going to be in need of extra care.  He posed perfectly for his glamour shots and loved all of the attention he was gaining through the process.

Due to his sweet nature and need for recovery one of our special foster homes stepped up to take him for the long weekend, so he could recover in a home without other dogs.


He very quickly made a couple of new friends in the foster home.  The boys in the home took to Fitzroy as quickly as Fitzroy took to them; as if they were long lost buddies.  The perfect makings for a fabulous weekend of lots of love, kisses and tail-wagging.

Fitzroy will be returning to the Adoption Center this week as he needs to visit the TMHPR vet.  A special eye will need to be kept on his many wounds as they begin to heal.  It is so very important that he be on the right antibiotics to make sure they heal properly and not become infected.

Fitzroy has a long road of healing ahead of him, but he is in the good hands of the TMHPR volunteers. He will require additional vet visits and medications before he is ready for adoption; therefore, donations toward his care is greatly needed.

To donate to Fitzroy’s medical expenses, please visit the website at  The donate button is in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Please check back periodically as we provide updates to Fitzroy’s journey to his forever home.

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