Fitzroy Returns the Love

Oh, sweet  & lovable Fitz!

The boy with the ears that belong on a dog twice his size.  It has been reported that he gets some great cable channels and amazing WIFI from all over the neighborhood.

Obviously, that is not true.

But, what is true, he is a wonderful and lovable boy who has been through so much in his short 8 months of life.  We have shared Fitzroy’s journey in a few blogs, during the time in which he has been with Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  We have worked to keep our friends up to date on his progress, as he was loved by so many, so quickly.

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Well, today Fitz is now putting his nursing skills to the test. His foster families have taken such good care of him, that he wants to return the love.

We received photos from his foster Mom showing how Fitz is helping nurse two sick kiddos this week. And doing such a great job!

Fitz believes in the healing power of touch.  Providing his full
body to lay against his sick mini-human.
Fitz looking after sick mini-human #2.  There is no rest for a nurse, even at night.

TMHPR is still raising funds to help pay for Fitz’s medical bills as he recovers from a serious skin infection caused from untreated puncture wounds all over his body.  So far, we have raised $380 of the $675 needed.  We only need another $295 to meet our goal.  Any amount will help this boy complete all of his medical treatment.

He has come along was as his skin is healing up very well and tiny signs of hair can me seen on his back!!  Once he is fully healed, then it will be time to be neutered.  (But we haven’t broken that news to him just yet.)

If you would like to help with Fitz’s medical bills, please visit his Razoo Site.

If you would like to adopt Fitzroy, please visit our website and fill out an Adoption Application.

He will make a wonderful dog for a fabulous family!


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