February 4, 2018 – Beautiful Tabitha

Our newest kitty to join the TMHPR family is Queen Tabitha Grace Cameow.

As much as I know about cats, (which I have learned you can mix all kinds of cats and come up with silly combo names.)  I believe she is called a medium haired Torbi.  Seems that should have been spelled Torbie.

Maybe a better description is an chatter box, orange-tinged, black striped Torbinator, skinny as a rod with boney hips and a loving personality.  Add the word dilute on there and you have a whole other cat.

Seriously though, Tabitha is nothing short of loving.  I mean from the get go she was talking, chatting and wanting to be all up in my personal space.  They seem to be able to sense when you are allergic and they want to be even closer.

Do you know how hard it is to get a selfie of a cat when she decides you will be her walking path to the cat tree across the room?  That long cat hair tail making a swipe at your eyes and nose as she heads down your chest.  BENADRYL STAT!!

Tabitha was quite happy to talk to me and keep me company as I put the cat rooms back in order, after a weekend of painting.  She gave me opinions on preferred cat litter, tried out the couch and determined which room and which cat trees were her favorites.  She seemed to also tell me how she ended up here and would love a home to call her own.

Sweet Tabitha would love a foster home where she could take some time to recover from her journey and fatten up a bit.  She is such a lover, can’t wait to see where her journey leads her.  There is a perfect home who needs this perfectly sweet cat.


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