Feb. 8, 2016 – Monday Meow

The cats have been in motion this week! It seems like this is becoming more common (or maybe we are getting used to it?) but there has been a lot of movement in terms of adoptions, intake, and transfers between the adoption center and our foster homes since even last week’s Monday Meow.

In this update you’ll find a handful of fresh faces as well as some young “kids” that are still looking for their purrrrfect homes. Please feel free to share with your friends and family, the more the merrier!

A Family Full of Stripes!


In this photo is breakfast in bed with Darrie and her 3 ADORABLE kittens! They are all little replicas of their precious momma cat and Darrie couldn’t be happier. She is living the good life now that she and her babies are settled into their warm, safe, and comforting foster home.

There will definitely be more updates to come from this sweet family, but for now we’ll let them grow and get cuter by the day. Follow us on Facebook to continue to follow Darrie (and her kittens)’s story.

Callerina Takes a “Bath”

What does a cat do with a nice, fresh litter box? Well this fun cat gives herself a “bath”! She probably just loves the way that it feels and that she is spreading her scent all over it. Callerina shares the cat room at the adoption center with her sister Autumn where they seek potential adopters on Saturdays during our “Meet ‘N’ Greet” adoption events from 10am to 2pm.

These fun “kids” as we call them (they’re still under a year old!) love to play, check out these fun photos a volunteer took of Autumn, Callerina, and their brother Koda playing with the laser toy one morning.
And because our volunteers just cannot help from taking photos of this trio, here’s a photo taken one morning of everyone hanging out in their favorite spots!

Welcome Two Gorgeous Sisters

These two sisters just came in this week (so they’re not quite on our website or ready for adoption yet) but we wanted to give everyone a sneak peak! We are so fortunate that we have sponsors, donors, fosters, and an entire network of volunteers so that we could help them in their time of need. They have such great dispositions and we are hopeful they will make great cats for someone very soon!


Daisy (Green eyes) soaking up the sun



Maisy (Gold eyes) getting comfy


Daisy and Maisy (we know, even their names are too cute) are safe and happy in their foster home where they will decompress, work to lose some weight, and prepare for their future!

Oh, and in case you are wondering just how they intend on losing weight (because unfortunately Jenny Craig doesn’t have a cat program) check out Maisy in action with her feather toy! These girls are surprisingly active for their size, so we are hopeful that with weight-loss food, proper exercise, and a pinch of magic (that their foster mom will provide) that we can get them in tip-top shape and ready for the next step in their lives.

Keep checking our Facebook page for updates on these two on their journey.


Jenny Gets Dressed Up (again)


Long time no see! Cute, little Jenny is still on the hunt for her forever home. She’s not letting it get her down that she hasn’t found her home yet, because she’s got such a fabulous foster mom with a sense of humor and lots of dress-up clothes purrrfect for a kitten!

In case you don’t remember her last dress-up, check out the cute photos of Jenny and Jamie here.


Thanks, again, for reading our Monday Meow… it means so much to our cat team and to our cats that you are interested in what they are doing and telling the world about them. Have a great week… and just remember, you already made it through Monday. 🙂
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