Feb. 26th: How many puppies did you say . . .

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Okay, so let’s do a bit of math on this Friday afternoon.

I hate math . . . . that is why I write and take photos . . . . 

So, all you number-loving folks reading this, get ready, cause here we go.

Here’s how we got to this point . . . . keep count.

Allana + 2

So, we didn’t have a Mama in our ISO Room, so we went at the beginning
of January and rescued Allana and her two baby boys, Ashton & Beck.

Current status:  Allana has been adopted by an awesome couple.  Ashton went to a Foster to Adopt Home, where he and his brother, Beck will be until Beck is adopted.

Yep, that is the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E Beck!!
He has these little spots on his ears!
And he has this little mustache!
Get your applications in quickly, people!
Okay, so then we get this call that some amazing rescue women have finally been able to get a pregnant Mama in their car.  Yep, down near Dowdy Ferry, a horrible place for dogs in South Dallas to be dumped.
(Those not in the Dallas Area, Google it.  It is a horrific secret about Dallas that has finally been uncovered in the media.)
Back to the rescue story, rescuers had been trying for months to win this pack over with food and love.  She knew her babies needed safety, so she and two others in the pack just decided it was time to give into the kindness.
So, we gained pregnant Rosalie and her friends, Rylie and Jordan.  Cause jumping in the car was easy, if your buddy was doing it.
Pregnant Rosalie
The pack decompressing together.


Rosalie, no longer pregnant.
Just a few hours after giving birth to 10 babies!!

Now remember, you are keeping count.
Count the puppies only.
Rosalie’s puppies were named for the Powerball Jackpot that had hit a billion $$ the week they were born.

So, we have 6 girls and 4 boys.
Abe, Benni, Cash, Chance, Euro, Franci, Lira, Lolli, Penny & Rich

No, big deal.  We can handle 10 more!
All of these babies were ready to be split up and moved to their own foster homes this week, in pairs.

Lira & Penny in their foster home, yesterday.


They are intrigued by the puppy with the long ears that runs funny.


And here is Chance & Lolli all snuggled together in their new foster home.
Sleeping puppies are just precious.

Shall I keep going . . . . 

So, typically TMHPR only has one Mama at a time.  This helps us manage the number of puppies who are so close in age at one time.  It also helps us not overwhelm our puppy foster homes.

So, when this injured dog came along, we had no clue.
She clearly looked as if she had been used for breeding in the past, but no belly!

Sweet Lacey.  Saved by TMHPR to fix her legs where she had been
hit by a car after being dumped in the country.
First trip to Breckinridge and the truth was out!!

Fast forward about a month later . . . 

Lacey has healed from her surgery.
Still working on her physical therapy . . . 
She gave birth to 4 “littles” last Sunday.
Bolt, Malcolm, Oprah and Rosa came into the world, healthy and safe.
More photos of them to come.

So, still keeping up?
Yep, there is more.

So, remember Dowdy Ferry?  So, this pack that had been running around still had one hold out.  Well, now the dog fighters had heard they could get free dogs in this area, so they had set up their own traps.  (Disgusting.)

So, we then meet Marlee.

Rescued by the “good guys” before the “bad guys” can trap her.  But, the “good guys” have no where to take her.
What to do?  What to do?

Hey, she looks related to the other three, so let’s call TMHPR!!

A bit squatter than the others and a nub for a tail, Marlee makes herself at home.


Umm, does she look a little “wide” to you???

Uh, yea.  Marlee too was pregnant.

I mean really?

No more female dogs from the street for Elise to be pulling!  She can only pull males for a while.

For a few months, a while.

So, yesterday, Marlee welcomed her last litter of puppies, ever.  Four boys and one girl came into the world healthy and safe.
She needed a bit of help from the staff at Kindness to have the last few safely, but word is she is back at her foster home, doing quite well.
So, do you have a FINAL count . . . . 
Oh wait . . . there’s one more thing.
This “little” was found all alone, dumped, in a rural area.
So, she was scooped up and whisked off to TMHPR.
This is Lexie.
She is about 10 weeks old, so she must be counted in our puppy total.
So, yes.
We have 22 puppies!!
22 . . . . 
Do you know how much newspaper and pee pads we will go through?
Thank goodness we have puppy food stocked up!
But, the need for nylabones, squeaky toys, ropes for tug, heart worm medicine, flea medicine . . . 
All of it a REAL NEED.
I’m thinking a great big Puppy Baby Shower . . . . . 
Showering these babies with love, toys, cuddles and ADOPTIONS . . . . 
Are you on it????  This is going to be fun!

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