Feb. 25th: Powerball Pupdate

Our Powerball puppies have reached 6 weeks of age!!  Can you believe it??

This week they are heading off into their Foster Homes in groups of two.  This allows the puppies to learn from each other, have a playmate and comfort each other as they learn to live life without Mama.


Are they not so stinking cute!!!???  

And all of them named with the Powerball Theme.  They were born the week the Jackpot went over a Billion $$.



We currently have four puppy foster homes that have taken them all in.  This means one home has four puppies.  We would like to find one more puppy foster home, so the group can be split down to two puppies per home.  Anyone?  I mean who can resist puppy breath?



Thank you to our Fabulous Super Foster, Becky, who took on a Mama Dog and 10 newborn puppies for 6 weeks.  You are a rockstar!
Now it is time for Mama to get some rest, heal and learn what it means to be a loved member of a family, without trying to feed, clean and wrangle 10 babies.
We are so excited to watch these littles grow and be adopted by fabulous families.  They will be ready for adoption in about 4 weeks!

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