Feb 16th: TMHPR Pupdate

Crobsy & Friends

Check out what our puppies have been up to over the weekend!

We have some of the best fosters!

Our fosters are so giving with their time and space in their homes.  When it comes to new dogs coming into the TMHPR Adoption Center, they are not there very long.  They come in, visit the vet for updated shots, etc. and then they are assessed for a couple of days; and allowed to decompress.

Then, it never fails, a foster will volunteer to take them home, “for a few hours” or “to just give them a break” from the Adoption Center.  And then a few days later, it is like they have forgotten to return them.  Ha Ha!

Here are some great examples . . .

Meet Rocket!

Rocket was an owner surrender from East Texas.
His owner just did not have the time to dedicate to Rocket and his brother, Leo.
So, instead of dumping them in the country or at a high kill shelter.
She asked for help.
We had some fabulous fosters spring Rocket from the
Adoption Center on a beautiful Sunday.The sun was shining and the air was warm,
perfect for a day of play in the backyard with a great pack.
It is clear that Rocket has been worked with in the past.
He knows how to sit and stay.
And he wants to please his human companions.
And he loves humans!!  It is apparent that he is craving attention.
So, we are looking for someone who is home more than no
t and ready for a true companion.Walks, games of fetch, training and lots and lots of love.
That is the Forever Home that Rocket is seeking.

Rocket is 14 months old and is ready for his Forever Home.  This boy is truly amazing, loving and looking for a perfect match.  Don’t miss out on this extroridinary boy!

Go to our website and fill out an application to meet him.

Meet Rocket’s brother, Leo!!

Yep, you guessed it, Leo was also snagged from the Adoption Center
for the long beautiful weekend.  And he loved it!!
This boy is super smart and is a super cuddler.
Is Leo not stunning?
Here he is working with one of our fosters learning to sit and be patient for treats.
Like Rocket, someone has worked with him and he is eager to please!
Yep, remember what we said about cuddler?
He truly craves attention.  Something he, and Rocket have missed out on.
They just want to be a companion.
Okay, so last one of sweet Leo.  Here he is at work with his Foster Mom.
He went in for a few hours with her and he had a blast.
She works with kids and he LOVED them.  And they LOVED himToday, Leo is in a more permanent foster home,
where he is waiting for his Forever Family to find him.Thank you to all of our fosters who give these babies the space, love, attention
and time they need to find that perfect home.
Eli – Ready for a Family
Eli sent these new photos of himself enjoying the beautiful Texas weather.
Eli has been in his foster home now since mid-December.
He has completed heart worm treatment and is ready to find his Forever Family.
Eli and Rango (resident dog & TMHPR Alumn) love a roll in the grass,
just following a bath.  Yep, nothing like your dog smelling of dead grass
right after you worked so hard to get them smelling clean.Eli loves playing with Rango and would love to have fur-siblings in his home.
Eli is smart and quick.  He would do great as an agility dog
or other structured competitions and classes.

Valentine’s Day!!

Can you believe that these are current photos of our Powerball Puppies?
At about 5 weeks old, they are almost ready for their very own Foster Homes.We have had volunteers visiting our fabulous puppy foster
to help with clean-up, feedings, play time and socialization.
This is your opportunity to foster 2 puppies of your very own.
TMHPR sends two puppies at a time to foster homes where they have
each other for about 4 – 5 weeks.
They comfort each other, play together and learn from each other.We will need five foster homes for this litter.  Yep, we have 10 puppies in this litter!
So, if our fabulous foster, Becky, can do 10 puppies, 2 is a breeze!
Fitzroy found himself at the vet for his annual check-up.
This boy has blossomed at his Foster Home and
Grimes has been an awesome friend to him.This boy is a silly boy and is looking for his Forever Home.
We know his home is out there.  Just have to be patient and find it!
More Valentine’s Love.  Rhett and Scout can often be found cuddled up together.
Where you find one, you will find the other.Sweet Rhett is looking for his Forever Home with a family who is home more than not.
He loves his people and never wants to be far from them.
And it is clear that he loves to cuddle.
He will be a big boy, around 70 lbs when he is full grown.
Parker sent his love to TMHPR on Valentine’s Day!
This boy hit the jackpot when he was adopted.He went from unwanted and unloved, to complete adoration from an adopter.
We love you sweet Parker!
Crosby sent his love on Valentine’s Day too.
Titled “My Funny Valentine”, his foster sent this adorable close up.
This boy is so chill and loves to cuddle and take life in a laid back manner.To meet this adorable guy, please fill out an application on our website.  www.takemehomepetrescue.com
Talk about a Funny Valentine . . . .

Brienne spent some time out in the sun, just soaking in the good life.
Brienne was successfully spayed yesterday and will be ready for her Forever Home soon.

Brienne is a kind and gentle dog who had been shot multiple times.
The bullet, still lodged in her leg has left scar tissue, so it cannot be removed.
Her leg will always be a bit shorter than the others, so a permanent limp
will remind us that humans can be horrible creatures.

Talk about sunning!  Lacey found her a warm spot to lay and enjoy a beautiful day.
Lacey is now free of her pins, cone and is sunning her growing belly.
She has now moved to her permanent foster home,
where she will give birth within the next week.This litter will be her last, then she will move on to a fabulous Forever Life of her own.
And one more baby to celebrate.
She has no name yet, but she is save and loved.
Found all alone, abandoned in the country, this little girl was scooped up and saved.
She arrived at TMHPR yesterday afternoon.
Her Foster Mom could not wait to go and pick her up and get her home.
Reports are she had a fabulous first night and is already learning that toys are fun.More on this cutie as we learn more about her!
As you can see, the rescue, foster and adoption cycle never ends.  As we get them adopted, there are so many more to save.  And we can only due this with the help of volunteers, adopters and donors.  We are a 100% volunteer run organization.  We depend on our friends and followers to share our stories and our needs.
And you never let us down!!  Thank you for all you do!

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