Feb. 15, 2016 – Monday Meow

Happy President’s Day! We hope you’ve had a relaxing and fun day. Our cats and kittens have been spending the day napping, relaxing in the sun coming through their windows, and getting lots of belly rubs… oh wait that’s what they do every day! We are so blessed to have wonderful foster homes that take great care of their foster cats and kittens as well as dedicated volunteers to take care of the cats that reside at the adoption center.

Sleepy Kitties Must Caffeinate

Callerina and Autumn love to nap in the cat roomCallerina and Autumn are interested in a volunteer's coffee cup

Callerina and Autumn are two peas in a pod at our adoption center! These two girls are so sweet and will make great cats for their forever home(s) some day soon we hope. Our volunteers love to snap photos of these two, and as you can see here sometimes they are sleeping while other times they are caffeinating!

Check out more pictures and info about Autumn here.
Check out more pictures and info about Callerina here.

Good News From Janna

Janna is proud to say that she is down another 6 ounces! While that may not sound like a lot to us humans, she assures us that it means a lot to a cat of her stature. She still has quite a ways to go to reach her goal, but this is a huge step in the right direction, and we couldn’t be happier for her. She has a long life to live so we want to make sure that she is healthy, happy, and ready for a forever home as soon as possible.

As a quick reminder, she began her weight loss journey December 10th at 14.2 lbs and is currently at 12.4 lbs. We did the math for you and that’s 2.2 lbs… which is just incredible!

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You can also read more information about Janna and see more pictures of her here.

Koda Wants A Valentine

Check out this cute kitty with a heart-shaped tabby patch on his side! Nope, there isn’t anything cuter than that… except when he starts playing! Some cats like to climb in boxes, sleep in boxes, and play in boxes, well Koda likes to convince his foster mom to dis-assemble boxes so that he can play with the pieces.

Enjoy this bonus video of Koda playing with the fake mouse hanging from his cat tree!

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Annabelle Kitten Update

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Annabelle, this sweet cat who is expecting kittens. Well, the kittens are due now any day and we are on the edge of our seats with excitement!
Annabelle’s foster mom is equally excited, as you can see in the photo above she’s even installed a KittyCam in Annabelle’s private suite so that we can all know right away once the kittens arrive.

From this angle you can see just how pregnant she is. She must be very unfcomfortable, thankfully this will be the very last time she will ever go through this, as she will be spayed once the kittens have been weaned.

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Thanks, again, for reading our Monday Meow… it means so much to our cat team and to our cats that you are interested in what they are doing and telling the world about them. Have a great week… and just remember, you already made it through Monday. 🙂
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