Feb. 12th: A BIG Thank You Pupdate

On Monday we put out a plea, a plea for help from the public.

And so many of our volunteers helped get the word out.

Strangers, friends, family and neighbors all stepped up to feed our puppies.

Puppies who have already been born.

Powerball Puppies eating gruel.

And those who are to be born in the next couple of weeks.

Such an outpouring of LOVE!

Lacey, out sunning herself yesterday.

Dumped in a rural area, Lacey was hit by a car and left to die.
We thought we were going to just need medical funds to help this girl walk again.
Surprise, she was also pregnant!!  We believe she will have 4-5 puppies.
She is due around February 20th.

Rosalie, taking care of her puppies.  She is such a good Mama.

At 8 months old, she was rescued from Dowdy Ferry, very pregnant.
Giving birth to 10 puppies just days after rescue.  This will be her first & last litter.


Marlee was a rescue from Dowdy Ferry as well.
We believe she may be related to our Rosalie , Jordan & Rylie.
She has their coloring, but has a Corgi-ish type butt.
She was another “Surprise, I too am pregnant!” dog.
Marlee was rescued when it was found that the dog fighters are setting
traps in the area to trap strays who could then be bait dogs.

Imagine that she and all of her unborn pups would have been used as bait.

Our Mama dogs eat puppy food as they work to grow and feed all of their babies.  So, to have three mamas and all of their puppies at once . . . . the puppy food was going fast!

Our shelves are filling up!!  And we will need EVERY bit of it!!


And we can’t think our donors enough.  When we ask, wonderful people jump into action.
And we are storing puppy food, wherever we can stuff, cram and shove it.

To say “thank you”, we want to show you some photos of the growing Powerball Puppies!!  This litter of pups were born the week that the Powerball went over $1 Billion in winnings.  

These babies will be weaned in the next couple of weeks and then be moved to foster homes in groups of two.  Yes, that means we need five puppy foster homes.



Anyone up for fostering two little fat puppies?  They come in pairs to keep each other company and learn from each other.



Such adorable faces!!  Eating, sleeping, playing and pooping. And so much puppy breath!!


Thank you to everyone who has helped them grow big, strong and healthy.


Lots of little fat bellies!


A true heartfelt thank you to all of our puppy food donors.  We could not do what we do without the support of our friends, family, neighbors and followers.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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