Feb. 11th: TMHPR Pupdate – What Fostering Looks Like

Ever thought about fostering?

Ever contemplated making a difference in the world?

Ever wanted to know how you, little old you, could help save a life?

Ever wondered if helping just one dog would matter?

Well, check out these photos.  This is fostering.

This is changing a life.

This is saving a life.

Dog Fighters were trying to trap Marlee.
She would have been a bait dog.
And turns out, so would her unborn puppies.

Saved multiple lives, because we had a foster.


Zyra, on the left, now Lilly, was found alone, abandoned at 3 weeks.
Bottle fed until she was old enough to eat on her own.

Knock Out (on the right) & his siblings were saved by a rescuer
when they were born under an abandoned building.

Now living together in a foster home.
Loved.  Given time to find their Forever Homes.


Surrendered at no fault of his own.
Sometimes cancer means the fur-babies need a new Forever Home.
Cancer sucks.


Special fosters are able to take Mamas and their babies.
This foster saved 11 lives.
Mama & 10 unborn babies.

All will be spayed, neutered and Forever Homes found.
Because of 6 foster homes (when it is all said and done).


You teach them to eat on their own.


Even when there is one hold out.
They borrow your pillows, blankets and TV remotes.
Knock Out loves to control the TV.


You give them lots of love.
And they give even more in return.


You take lots of pictures as they grow.
So, you can help TMHPR find them the perfect family.


The sillier and cuter the photo, the better.
Cause their home is out there.
You help them find their home.
And yes, you can give them up.
It hurts the heart some.
But, they will always remember you.
They will always love you.
And you always know there is another who needs you more.
That is why we foster.
Rylie, now Maggie in her Forever Home.
For more information about the TMHPR foster program, please visit our website.  Or come visit us at the Adoption Center on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm.  Our fosters will tell you why it is such an important job!





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