Feb. 10th: TMHPR Pupdate

It’s time of a Pupdate!!

Check out all of the fun that the Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) pups have been having over the last week!


Brienne LOVES to ride in the car!
This beautiful girl, we believe is Emilia’s sister.


Remember, this is Emilia.
Found in same area.  Same age.  Same eyes.
And same amazing spirit.
She is a laid back girl.  Who needs a trip to the beauty salon!
That comes next week.
Poor girl had been wandering the countryside through East Texas.
Her paw pads are so very rough.
Here she is listening to a bedtime story with her 2-legged foster brother.

You would never know this girl had been shot in the leg, shattering her bone.
The bone healed on its own, leaving her leg a bit shorter, and the bullet lodged.

She has pellets in her chest, shot again.
But, she has no ill-will toward humans, of any kind.  And she loves belly rubs!
Brienne will be spayed today and additional x-rays will be taken of her front leg.  The specialist will determine what can be done to help this sweet girl live a pain-free life.
Grimes had the head tilt down this week!
This boy is a LOVE BUG!!  He loves to cuddle & chill.
One of our fabulous volunteers took Grimes to the barn.
He had a great time hanging out with the horses and other animals.
Our volunteers are THE BEST!!
First time on a couch.  First time cuddling with a kid . . .
SUCCESS!!  He is good at it!


Harvey is sending his love from Circle Star!
This big lovable Great Dane/lab mix is loving his nightly massages.
Harvey loves to make friends.
He is ready for adoption and would make a fabulous companion.


Meet our gorgeous boy, Nelson.
Nelson is a 14 month old who is full of energy.
He caught the bus from Amarillo to find his Forever Home.

Nelson completed his vetting last week and went to his Foster Home today!

He is currently interviewing prospective families.
Your your application in quickly!


And our most recent baby from Dowdy Ferry, Marlee.
Marlee came to us from a rescuer who didn’t want to see her get 
trapped by dog fighters picked her up from the streets.

Yes, you heard that correctly.
The dog fighters have learned that there are dogs wandering Dowdy Ferry for the taking!!  Sickening!


Here she is resting in a temporary foster home.
Our volunteer wanted to give her the opportunity to know what it felt
like to live in a home with a pack.
Turns out she brought with her a surprise!
She is pregnant!!
Yes, that is a total of 4 Mamas that TMHPR is now caring for.  That is a lot of puppies!

But, that is also four dogs off of the streets who will be spayed.
And all of their puppies will be spayed & neutered!


If you can give Marlee a home to have her puppies, she would love it!
And you would get so much in return!


Eli has completed his heart worm treatment!!

He is now available for adoption.  This beautiful boy has overcome so much!
Mean streets of Dallas, Kennel Cough and Heart Worms.


This boy loves to cuddle, but he also loves to play.
He loves to take all of his toys outside, and has not learned how to bring them back inside.  Ha Ha!!

He has been in a foster home for about 8 weeks and is going to make a great companion.


Harvey will complete his 30 days of training, NEXT WEEK!!!
This Dane/Lab mix is a love bug.  He loves to cuddle.
Loves to play.  Loves to go for walks.
Can you give this big boy a fabulous home?
Harvey deserves the very best in life.
Rescued from a truck stop along 35, he knows the love of his rescuer; however, she does not have the time to dedicate to him.  She wants to find him the best FOREVER home!

TMHPR Alumni sending their LOVE

Recognize this little guy?

Charlie (fka Chewy) sends his love to all who cared for him.
He is so thankful to his rescuer, foster and who donated to his care.
He knows love.  And he is thankful to all who helped make that happen.


Maggie (fka Rylie) is checking in!

The first of our “Dowdy Ferry” kids has been adopted and is so very loved.
And they needed her as much as she needed them.
They had lost a member in their pack in last 2015 and the energy in the home was down.  Dogs were sad.
Humans were sad.
And Maggie was just the pep they needed in their home.

Amazing what dogs do for our lives!

Thank you for following, sharing and caring for the TMHPR dogs and puppies.  We have some very needy months ahead.  Many medical cases, many more puppies and lots of adoptions needed.
Please share our stories.  Your sharing is the #1 way to help TMHPR.  AND it does cost a thing!





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