Elliott: Rescue Dog Melting Hearts

You know THAT dog.  The one that all the women are drawn to?  That is Elliott!  Elliott is currently melting the hearts of all the Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) volunteers.

Elliott (2)

Who is Elliott?

So, who is this brindle boy who has captured the hearts of so many?

He is a gentle soul locked in a beautiful brindle body with the smile that captures anyone’s heart.  He has definitely captured our hearts.


He has a story of meager beginnings.  He was found to be living with his sister on a very dangerous curve in South Dallas, or the Dowdy Ferry area.  Known for its dumped dogs we found Elliott and sister, Haley living day to day and dodging traffic.


Yes, that is the same dog.  Ears down, tail down and no smile . . . no reason to smile.  And that is sister, Haley with him.  But, that all changed with one trip North to Richardson.

Elliott’s Transformation


Elliott did spend some time decompressing.  That means lots of naps on soft beds with stuffed toys.  Every day he was served meals, he didn’t have to forge for food.  And he felt love from our volunteers!  And this is what happened!


Amazing, right?  We think so too!

Forever Home Needed

So, we are so happy to announce that Elliott has left the Adoption Center and entered his very own Foster Home.  He has humans who love him and a canine sister to teach him the ropes of being a family dog.  So, a Forever Home is just around the corner.  Here is what Elliott is requesting in a Forever Family.


  1.  Humans who are at home more than not.  Do you work from home?  Elliott would love to be your co-worker, just don’t expect a lot of work out of him, on account of not having thumbs.  But he is a great listener.  Just ask Kathy who was having a rough day at the office.


2.  He loves car rides.  So, if you love to take your pup places, Elliott says you are a possible match!

He loves walks in the park.
Trips to the water.
And a drive thru trip to Starbucks for a Puppachino.

3.  And lots of cuddles.  He may be a larger dog, but he loves so very much to cuddle with his humans.  he fits perfectly on a love seat or a couch.  He is respectful of your space, but wants to be touching you.


4.  He would love a female canine companion.  It is amazing how the female dogs love him as well.  Jade even trusted him enough to let him check out her babies last week.  And he is so very gentle.


If you want to meet Elliott (who wouldn’t?), or you think he may be a great fit in your home, please go to our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  This is the document that starts the whole process.  Our adopters are screened in the order in which the applications are received, so that document is very important.

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