Online Fundraisers

We have had so many Happy Beginnings, Fabulous Adoption Stories, and Freedom Rides that make us all so very excited as an organization. And we know that our followers feel the same way.

However, when we bring in the hard cases, it does cost our organization hard cash. And lots of it. This this is the side of rescue that makes it not fun!

Did you know that our Medical care often tops $15,000 a MONTH? Yes, A MONTH. Therefore, it has always been our goal is to raise the funds for each pet that has out of the ordinary medical expenses. This often includes treating heartworm disease and mending fractures.

And you know, if you have been following our stories, when we are taking dogs from the streets, the rate of heartworm infestation is almost 100%. On top of that, we typically see severe cases of mange, broken teeth and tick borne illnesses.

The only way we can continue to take in the sick and injured homeless pets is if we raise the funds to cover their medical bills. We are on the front lines every day, but we rely on our donors and followers to help us with the work.

Please see below for our active online fundraisers. We’d greatly appreciate if you can share their stories to help us raise funds to continue our work. Thank you!

Help Teddy Run Happy Again!

This beautiful boy has a sad back story before being rescued by Take Me Home Pet Rescue. You see, he was in and out of a local animal shelter for his whole life along with his fur siblings.  He was an escape artist and would often bolt from his home. Each time he and his siblings ended up in the shelter, his owners would come and get them after they were picked up by animal control. The last time this happened, his owners came and got his fur sibs out, but Teddy was left behind.

After he was abandoned, he became deeply depressed and stopped eating resulting in a weight loss of 15 pounds in a couple of weeks. That’s when TMHPR stepped in and rescued him from the shelter.

Fast forward a bit, and Teddy had found his forever home, but the day he moved in he ran out the front door. He didn’t go far. But he was so scared! His adopters searched hours and hours for him and at one point, they went home to regroup and decide what to do next.  It was then that they received a call that Teddy had been hit by a car. 

Please click here to continue reading Teddy’s story or to donate and share.