Dog Sponsorship

Don’t live in the Dallas area but still want to help us care for the dogs that need our assistance? Or maybe you do live in our area and want to know how you can help the dogs who need it most.  Dog Sponsorship may be just how you can help!

For $75, you can sponsor a puppy who is in our care. This will sign you up to receive personalized updates about your puppy with pictures, videos, and notes from their foster family.

As a result of  Outreach Opportunities, TMHPR has been able to take in multiple litters of puppies.  All are in  foster homes, where they will be receiving loving care until they are ready for adoption.  Their stories are similar- abandoned, unwanted, thrown away.

Rosebud and Pedal (pictures coming), are  4 week old  puppies taken in by an independent rescuer in a rural area.  Mama dog’s pregnancy was “unexpected” -imagine that- and the pups were unwanted.  These little girls are now with a loving foster who specializes in caring for bottle babies, very young puppies.

Kit and Kaboodle, were found walking on the side of a highway in  east Texas.  Again, a wonderful individual rounded the pups up and contacted TMHPR.  After medical attention, we found  that Kit is blind in one eye. That however has not stopped her- they both are thriving in her foster home, and are ready for spay/neuter the first of September.

The cycle stops with these puppies.  And you can be a part of the solution, by helping us support the care we provide to meet their medical needs.

Wouldn’t you love to see these puppies grow and become strong & beautiful family pets? We can send you updates to your email as they grow and learn what being a part of a loving family truly means.  We’ll keep sending the updates until the dog is adopted and placed in their loving, forever home.

Please click here to sponsor a dog today!