Dog Sponsorship

Don’t live in the Dallas area but still want to help us care for the dogs that need our assistance? Or maybe you do live in our area and want to know how you can help the dogs who need it most.  Dog Sponsorship may be just how you can help!

For $75, you can sponsor a puppy who is in our care. This will sign you up to receive personalized updates about your puppy with pictures, videos, and notes from their foster family.

The Lenten Litter is our current puppies who need sponsorship.  Mom & 9 Newborns rescued on March 28, 2018.

These puppies have been with Take Me Home Pet Rescue as a result of an Outreach Opportunity.  We were able to take in this large family when Sami’s babies were only 3 Days Old!

As a result of this Outreach, we will be putting a stop to the cycle of unplanned/unwanted litters.  Sami is a wonderful dog, has never met a person she has not loved, but having multiple LARGE litters of puppies annually is not responsible.  The same fate is what was in store for each of her babies, resulting in adding to the severe dog overpopulation in the State of Texas.

The cycle stops with this litter.  And you can be a part of the solution, by helping us support the care we provide to meet their medical needs.

Wouldn’t you love to see these puppies grow and become strong & beautiful family pets? We can send you updates to your email as they grow and learn what being a part of a loving family truly means.  We’ll keep sending the updates until the dog is adopted and placed in their loving, forever home.

Please click here to sponsor a dog today!