Dec. 9th: Dogs on the Move!!

We made it to Wednesday!
By this time in the week, you realize that tomorrow is Friday Eve.  So, you don’t feel AS guilty to click on over and check the TMHPR Facebook Page or your favorite Rescue Blog to see how the current dog characters are fairing.
So, let’s give you that update!!

Emilia Clark

Oh Emilia Clark.  This was Emilia this morning helping Mandy
with her Administrative work.  Okay, so maybe she was just keeping her company.
Then in walked Becky.  And it changed Emilia’s life forever!
Emilia didn’t know that last night was her last night to sleep at the Adoption Center.
This sweet girl has birthed her babies, kept them safe,
weaned those puppies and taught them their lessons.
Now it is time for Emilia to learn what being a spoiled rotten dog is all about.


Emilia has come to the right place!  She will be a part of a
wonderful pack with a wonderful foster.  She has been spending time outside.
Lounging inside where it is warm. And eventually recover from a
spay surgery before she is adopted.  Emilia will also be treated for some illnesses that could not be addressed while she was nursing her babies.

Welcome to the “Good Life”, Emilia!


Our little nugget of cuteness is still available for adoption.
And we cannot figure out why!


This little guy is a compact 38 lbs.  He is house, crate and leash trained.
He lives with an active foster family who love him to pieces.
He is respectful of the older resident dog,
but loves to run and play with the younger resident dog.  
We think he is overlooked because he is a little black dog.
They always seem to get overlooked in shelters and rescues.
This boy would be perfect for a growing family who would love a dog to go
in the car with them to sporting events, carpool, etc. 
Would Teddy fit into your home?  Come and meet him on Saturday!


Check out who is smiling!!
Flynn went back to the vet this morning for a blood draw
and the remainder of his shots.  He was not as scared this time
and did fabulously!  He is super excited that he met a family yesterday.
A super patient couple who are willing to Foster-to Adopt.
They will allow him to come live with them while  he acclimates
to living in a loving home and while has any medical treatments needed.
If all goes well, then they will have the option to adopt this gorgeous boy!
But, Flynn has to approve them.  Ha Ha!


Our dear Fitzroy is enjoying the perks of living in a home with a foster family.
Fitz came to us about 10 months ago from a rural shelter.  He had
over 30 puncture wounds from being attacked by a larger animal.

This attack left Fitz with a large scar on his back and some anxiety.
With the use of thunder shirts and training techniques, this boy has come so far!
He loves his foster family and keeps a close eye on them!


He loves his comfy donated bed and is happy that he is no longer in a kennel.
His foster family is AMAZING.  They have given him the normalcy and consistency that he needed to be successful.  His next step, an AMAZING Forever Home!
Fitz goes to Doggie Daycare every day and loves it.  He loves interacting with other dogs.
He wears shirts and/or sunscreen when outside to protect his scar on his back.
He loves to cuddle at the end of the day with his people.
But, do not be fooled.  He is a high energy compact shepherd mix.  But, if provided
the opportunity to run off that energy . . . by evening he is a cuddle bug who loves to snooze on the couch with you as you binge on your favorite Netflix show.


Could it be with you?


Harvey is our newest intake.
Harvey being the lab mix with the husky hanging from his face.
And yes, it appears that he is quite tolerant of having a dog chew on his face.  🙂 
Harvey is just about a year old, 80 lbs and is a wonderful boy.
He was rescued from a truck stop on I-35.
His rescuer has had him for about 3-4 months and knows he deserves
more than she can offer.  She works long hours
and Harvey is alone much of the day.


Harvey is looking for an active family who wants a dog active in their lives.
He is house trained and is left out in the house while his person is gone from the home.  He is asking for a perfect Forever Family for Christmas.
He loves balls, toys, humans and little humans of all kinds.
Harvey will need to be neutered and then will be ready for that Forever Home.

I will leave you with a HUGE Picasso smile.
He returns from Circle Star on December 18th!
That is next week!

He needs a fabulous medical foster to help him through his heart surgery.  Maybe you work from home and need an office buddy.  It would be the perfect spot for Picasso to recover.  You can keep an eye on his incision and he can keep an eye on you . . . all day.

Can you say “NO” to THAT smile?

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