Dec. 8th TMHPR Pupdate

Has it really been 5 days since our last pupate?

How can that be?

We have so many things happening . . . 

Save the words, let’s show you what has been going on!


So, that is me, with little Ryder.
On Monday, I noticed something wasn’t quite right with this little guy’s left eye.
Turns out he may have taken a toenail to the eye.
So, it was time to get those little guys out of the ISO Room.
Just too many little bodies clamoring and climbing about.  
So, we sent Ryder home with a foster to doctor the eye.   Here he is catching a nap.
Auntie Relle is prefect for naps.
Naps are needed when you are learning to play outside.
Here is Ryder with his favorite leaf.
Roo and Riggs went home with their foster today.
Here s Riggs lounging in the backyard.  He looks like a pro!
And here is sweet Roo playing in the leaves.  Check out her hound dog face!

And we have plans to send Ripley and Rhett home with their foster on Thursday afternoon.

Gunner’s Story

Many people saw Gunner’s story on Facebook.
He is a young lab mix who was found wandering a neighborhood
with a horrible, horrible wound to his neck.


His rescuer cleaned the wound and worked to find him a rescue
organization who could help him.
We put out a call for donations and our donors came through!


We raised over $1,500 in just 12 hours for this lovable and trusting boy.


He loves his walks and spending time outside of his kennel.
He is an active boy who needs a foster home where
he can be kept safe while his wound heals.


Dr. Miller got him all caught up on his shots and tested for heart worm.
He will go back on Friday to be neutered and to have his neck sewn up.

Gunner needs a foster to get him out of the Adoption Center. He needs a yard to run in, but a controlled environment, so his wound can heal.  So, no rough play with another dog.  

Anyone will to foster OR foster to adopt, please go to our website and fill out a Foster Form.

Look!  A direct link Here!
Go on, fill it out.
We need large dog fosters.  Oh, we need puppy fosters too.
Yep, we need fosters.  Sign up here.

I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up to that nose?!


How about a Happy Story? Picasso

Picasso comes home from Circle Star next week.
This boy will now get ready for his heart surgery.
His heart surgery will allow him to lead a long and normal life.


The boy needs a Medical Foster.  Could you help with that?
Do you work from home?
He could recover under your desk and assist you with all conference calls.
Here I go asking for Fosters again.  Do you see a theme here?
This smart and gorgeous boy deserves a wonderful place to recover.
More Happiness . . . 
Ian is smiling.  He loves a little patio time at Fuzzy’s.
No chips please.
But, he would love a shredded chicken taco, please.
He is a well mannered boy who will make a wonderful family dog,
after his heart worm treatment.

Does Ian remind you of someone else??

Here is an update from Ringo, now Bo.  He was our other patio loving boy.
As you can see, he is enjoying his very own patio now.
Umm, I guess he can oversee the yard better from that vantage point.
Silly Boy!!
And lastly, we received this update just the other day.

Can you believe how big Robbie has gotten?  He was adopted by a Mother and Son who were so ready for a family dog of their own.  And they couldn’t have chosen a more gorgeous dog!

Whew!  That was a lot of news!

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