Dec. 7, 2015 – Monday Meow

Thank you for tuning into our second weekly Monday Meow! We have so many cat and kitten updates from our foster homes and our cat care team over the last week to share with you.

If you are interested in any of the cats or kittens featured in this update, let us know by emailing us. Also, feel free to share this post with your family and friends, thanks!

Romo Settles Into His Foster Home



Have you met Romo or read his story yet? Romo and his 2 siblings were rescued by a good samaritan and they were able to find homes for his siblings but could not care for him any longer. That’s when they sought help from a dedicated TMHPR volunteer! She became his foster mom so that he would have a safe and comforting place to call home until he is ready for adoption.

His foster mom shared these two photos with the caption: “Romo had his first vet visit today and received a clean bill of health and his first round of shots. He’s also mastered the cat tree and can make it all the way to top.”

His foster mom also captured this adorable video for us and has this to say about it: “Romo loves Preston (his foster brother), especially his swishing tail.” If Romo looks like the cat for you, keep an eye on our website and Facebook page to be the first to see when he is ready for adoption!

Update on Week-Old Kittens


These sweet kittens from last week’s update are now over a week old! The family of 5 has now been transferred to a more permanent foster home where they will remain until they are ready for adoption… and we also have another update with lots of kitten pictures!

Loki (momma) is such a great mother to her 4 kittens and we are pleased that this will be her last time raising kittens. She has a few more weeks ahead of her, then her and the kittens will be searching for their forever homes.

Here’s a bonus video of Loki and her 4 precious kittens!

At just over a week old, these little wiggle worms are testing their mother’s patience, but you could never tell by the way Loki loves and cares for them.

New To The Scene: Sebastian


Fresh off the streets, Sebastian was recently found by a volunteer who feeds a feral cat colony. He wandered up to the colony but is obviously not a feral cat. We think he looks like a Russian Blue and he is super sweet and affectionate… what more could you ask for in a cat?! Sebastian has already been to see the vet and unfortunately he as been diagnosed with FIV. This disease is not a death sentence, and he can still go on to live a long and happy life.

If you are interested in meeting Sebastian, please contact us on our website, we’d love for you to meet him and we can provide you information on what being FIV+ means for this great cat.

Pajama Pants Kittens


Back by popular demand… more photos of Vinny chilling on his foster mom’s legs! Vinny is one of three kittens enjoying time at one of our devoted volunteer’s homes. This foster mom has a thing for pajama pants and Vinny has turned out to be quite the lap cat! He is conflicted about teaching his brothers about the joys of being a lap cat… because they may steal his lap. We just can’t get enough of these three sweet boys, they are so photogenic!

This fun video shows Sammy (Vinny’s brother) playing with the cool orange cat toy. No cat can resist this toy, and of course Sammy is having a great time with it! He loves to lounge in the sun or sit in the sun and play with his toys all day.

Vinny and Sammy are only 2 of our wonderful cats and kittens available for adoption. If you’re in the market for a cat or kitten, please check them all out on our website!

SoDa Teaches Fiona About Dressing Up


At first, Fiona was not convinced that dressing up would be fun. Her new foster brother, SoDa, of course never needed any convincing. SoDa has helped show Fiona that dressing up isn’t so bad… and who knows, it may help her find her forever home! Fiona (Wonder Woman) and SoDa (Superman) are enjoying their time together in one of our amazing foster homes. They are learning so much from each other which will of course come in handy when they transition into their forever home(s).

Here’s a bonus shot of Fiona being transferred from her rescuer to her new foster home! Her rescuer was sad to see her go, but knows she will be in good hands.

Cat Room Receives New Furniture



Two wonderful donors have brought special donations to our front Cat Room: a cat tree and THREE wooly cat caves! Colin (left) took no time at all to acquaint himself with the new furniture. He loves to climb! Janna stayed a bit closer to the ground and enjoyed snuggling into one of the new cat caves… she found it very comfortable and perfect for napping.

If your cat is now jealous of the cats at the adoption center, you can get them a wool cat cave of their own for Christmas here (from The Cat Connection)!

Thank you for reading our Monday Meow, our cats and our cat team appreciate it!


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