Dec. 3rd: Plea for Puppy Fosters

Yep, this is a plea.

Not a request.  Not an inquiry.
An all out appeal where we are begging for your help.
If you have ever, thought about looking into fostering a puppy, dog or canine of any sort . . . . now is the time!
We are currently faced with the awesome opportunity to provide 11 puppies loving foster homes.  These puppies will all be ready to enter homes in just over a week’s time.  Can you imagine being a part of the process to raise a couple of little lives until they are adopted!!
I mean look at these faces!!
Jasper @ 6 weeks

All have adorable eyes.
Brother Bernard on the left and Sister Saint on the Right

Noses that need snuggling.

Gorgeous, Rebel!

Chins that need scratching.
Handsome, Ransom.

And in all fairness, little butts that need to learn to “sit”.
Adorable, Knock Out
All of these sweet pups are from the same litter and will be needing foster homes in about another 1.5 to 2 weeks.  How can you say “no” to those faces?
Fostering does not cost a dime.  Take Me Home Pet Rescue provides all of the medical care, food, treats, toys, crates, puppy pads, corrals . . . . all that you need to care for a puppy.  You provide the love, care, kindness and time to these young lives.
The same is needed for Emilia’s five puppies.  We introduced them in the blog post on December 1st.  (Here is a link to that post.)
And one last puppy that we would love to commit to helping.  Little Daisy was saved by a young man who did not want to see her go to a high kill shelter.  She is 9 weeks old and needs as safe place to land until she is ready for adoption.
We cannot save her without a foster.
Our donors can donate all the money. . . 
Our volunteers can clean kennels, walked dogs, review medical records and wash bedding all day long . . . 
But, without fosters, we cannot save the lives of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens . . . . (and sometimes chickens)
Please go to our website and fill out a Foster Application.
Links above, but here is another one.
Fostering saves lives!!

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