Dec 2nd: TMHPR Pupdate, Ummm Sort Of

Do you ever get to the end of your day and wonder how you got here?

Well, this is where we are at the end of today at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).

This is not a dog.

This is not a cat.

It’s a stinking chicken!

But, it is currently living in the bathroom at the Adoption Center.

Hey, someone saved a chicken.
And our fearless Founder (Elise Bissell) is always up for saving an animal.
Make a few calls . . .. boom someone who will take a chicken.
Fast forward to this afternoon when this “someone” shows up to take said chicken.
That’s not a hen!  That’s a rooster!
I can’t take a rooster with me.  It Cock a Doodle Dos!
Seems city folk don’t take kindly to be woken by a rooster.

So, that is how we ended up with a ROOSTER in our bathroom.
Oh, and it smells!!  BAD!!
How do you give a rooster a bath, Elise!!!!

 Now in REAL pupate news, check out this update!

This was Zyra when she came to us from Duck Team 6.
She was found abandoned on the streets at just 3 weeks of age.
She was all alone, scared and needed to be bottle fed.
She had photos taken at about 5 weeks of age.
But, she never had to be advertised on the internet.
  She was scooped up by a volunteer’s family member.

Her eyes just captivated everyone and we were afraid they would lose the baby blue color.
But, at 10 weeks, she still has those AMAZING eyes!
And the good news, she goes to her Forever Home on Sunday!
Fosters SAVE LIVES!!!

If you want to find out more about our foster-based animal rescue program, please visit our website.  We are 100% volunteer run.

Oh, and if you can take a ROOSTER . . . . Elise would love to hear from you!!

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