Dec. 27th – TMHPR Pupdate

We are starting this morning with heavy hearts and feelings that mirror the overcast skies and dreary rain that we are experiencing here in the Dallas area.

We send lots of prayers and good thoughts fors our neighbors in our DFW area who were affected by the multiple tornadoes in the Dallas area last night.

As a volunteer-family we were able to keep in touch with each other during the storm outbreak through text messaging and our own private Facebook Page.  We are happy that our volunteer family all survived the storms and no one lost their belongings.  All of our foster dogs & cats are safe and sound with our wonderful families.

Here were some of the photos shared as our fosters dogs took shelter.

Cats in carriers, thundershirts on board – all in small spaces.
Our fosters did a great job keeping everyone safe and calm during the bad weather.
Picasso tried his best to get comfortable on his new bed.
He was not too fond of the storms, but he was a trooper.


Keeping updated on the news was of upmost importance.
We live in a time when the TV signal goes out, we have apps on our phones
to keep us up to date on the approaching storms.
Rango and Eli seem unconcerned that the weather in quickly declining.


Fitzroy may have anxieties that stem from his time on the streets, but storms do not bother this boy.
He knows his foster family will keep him safe.


Rhett, well as you can see, he had no worries during the storm.
He figured his fosters had it all under control.
We just aren’t too sure how he slept with his head over that far.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) is ready and able to help the tornado victims from last night’s storm that ravaged the communities east of our area.  Currently we are being asked to wait for further instruction.  Here is a Facebook Page that is helping reunite the families affected with their lost pets.

Over the next few days we will be letting our friends, families, volunteers, donors, fosters and adopters know how you can also help.  Please check our blog, our website, our Instagram Account and our Facebook Page in the upcoming days for more information.





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