Dec 27th: Shared TMHPR Holiday Photos

Our followers, adopters, donors and fosters NEVER fail us!!
We put out a plea for more TMHPR  holiday photos and that is what was shared!


Happy Holidays blog

Feeling a little overstuffed due to all of the holiday parties & dinners?
So is Picasso.  I see some additional walks in his future, right Elise?

Some Traveled

Hope send her love from the beach!
She made the road trip with her adopter to wiggle her toes in the sand & surf!
News is that she LOVES the beach!


Some Snoozed

Snoozers (1)

Did you need a nap following your Christmas dinner?
So did these snoozing cats.  How much fun would it be to share your nap with one of these cuties?  They would keep you toasty warm while the purr machines lulled you asleep.


Farrah’s (nka Winnie) adopter shared this photo of her and her “little” older brother, Riley. Farrah has gained 10 lbs (after being left in her backyard when her owners moved away).  She is now healthy & clearly doesn’t mind if she gets the BIG bed or the little bed to snooze in.

Some Were Adopted


Kennedy’s Christmas Wish came true when her Forever Family found her at the PotteryBarn event.  They had their paperwork in and meetings scheduled in time to enjoy her during the holiday break!  Happy Faces all around.

Some Learned to Smile

Baloo landed himself in a foster home for the holiday weekend.  Look at that smile!
He did so great that he was invited to stay until a medical foster could be found to help him go through heartworm treatment next month.


Some Shared their Hanukkah Blessings

Do you see Mr. Newmore?

Yep, every night the pups in this home celebrate all of their blessings.  This night featured Mr. Newmore who was rescued on New Year’s Day two years ago.

Hi, Newy!!


Some Shared their Christmas Blessings

Whether sharing their first Christmas in their Forever Home, like Mitzi.
Or celebrating life off of a chain, like Baloo.
All of our fostered & adopted pets have something to celebrate, LIFE!

Dog Christmas (1)

Without all of our friends at TMHPR we could not save and celebrate the lives of the many dogs and cats who passed through our doors in 2016.

Thank you to all of you!

And Happy Holidays from all of us!

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1.  Visit our website and our various social media outlets.  We have so many opportunities.

2.  Visit our Razoo Pages.  This is where we share our pets who are in need of medical care.

This week’s highlighted Razoo:  Poppy : Help Poppy Walk Pain Free

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