Dec. 23rd – TMHPR Pupdate

We have almost reached Christmas!!

And we have been so busy with puppies and new intakes that I have fallen behind on our blog.  Let me explain why.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) has taken in some pretty rough pups lately from the streets.  They have been battered in cold/rainy weather, neglected as they searched for food in a local trash dump and not provided the medical care that they so needed.  But, they are sweet as ever and will be ready for Forever Homes once they are healthy.

Let’s catch everyone up .  . . . . 


1 year old Great Dane/Lab Mix

Harvey is currently being housed at our Adoption Center.
Here he is enjoying some time on a local tennis court.  He loves being out in the sunshine.
Harvey was rescued from a truck stop on I-35 about 4 months ago by a Good Samaritan.
He is a wonderful dog who loves his people.
Harvey likes to spend time in the Admin Office helping with the paperwork.
He is a big boy, so he is perfect for filing in the tall filing cabinets.
Harvey has been neutered, is heartworm negative and is ready for a Forever Home.
Harvey does great at the dog park.
And he loves to play with other dogs, but he does want to be Alpha in his home.
He would do best as an only dog or as the clear Alpha in his pack.
Look at that face!
If you are interested in meeting our BIG Lug,
please visit our website for adoption information.

Okay, so this is where the sad stories start.  But, they always start our sad and end up fabulous when they find their Forever Home.  So, I promise, keep reading . . . the happy update is at the end of the blog.

Don’t skip to the end . . . read the new intakes . . . that makes their happy endings even better . . . when they happen.


Australian Shepherd Mix

Sweet Stella is currently in Kennel #1 at the Adoption Center.
As an owner surrender, this sweet dog came to us with a really bad skin condition.


She has been diagnosed with Demodex (a non-contagious form of mange).
Stella went untreated for so long that portions of her skin
have become infected and she is in pain.


But, you would never know it.  This sweet girl loves all of the volunteers.
She loves her walks outside.


She provides lots of smiles as a way of thanking us for her rescue.
Stella is now ready for a Foster Home.
She is a great dog who deserves to know what it means to be a member of a loving family.  For more information about fostering or fostering to adopt Stella, please visit our website.
Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia
These sweet babies (true brother & sister) came to us after living in a
hoarding situation where they went unwanted.
At about 6 months old, all they have known is how to eat from a trash heap.
They came to us very sick with a terrible cough and runny noses.


As it turns out, they both ended up with a terrible eye infection that had them going blind.
Here is Luke with a rabbit chewy from Hollywood Feed.
Here he is almost 100% blind in both eyes.
We thought it was an issue that he was born with until his sister,
Princess Leia came down with the same symptoms.
So, this meant another vet visit and continuing to put off their vaccines.
We are hoping with some special steroid eyedrops,
they will regain their sight, but only time will tell.

Han Solo

Through some great networking and dedicated rescuers,
we were able to go back and get Daddy.
Yep, this is Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia’s Daddy.
But, he is not from the Dark Side, so we named him Han Solo.


When our volunteers went to pick him up, all we knew was that he was also living at a dump and now had a noticeable limp.  So, had he been injured?  We still aren’t certain.

He has an appointment next week to be neutered, so at that time they will x-ray his leg.
It does not appear to be painful, so the vet is thinking, old injury.


The good news, he is as sweet as his kiddos.
Here he is flirting with our volunteer, Wendy during his Freedom Ride.


It is amazing how much they smile on that Freedom Ride!
He loves to be loved on.  He will be ready for a Foster Home soon, he just needs a little time to decompress.  Are you up for fostering this sweet guy.
There is nothing better than saving a life!

Now for the good news!


Remember this guy?  Massive neck wound.  Found by a fireman in South Dallas?
Well, his stitches are out and he has a home visit on Christmas Eve!!
He is currently in a Foster Home and doing wonderfully!
Loves people and other dogs.  Yay, Gunner!!

Did you miss Gunner’s story?  Well, here is a quick link to the rough stuff.  Neck wound and sad story.  But, man it makes this Gunner Happy Ending even more FABULOUS!

Gunner Story Here.  Oh, and Here.

Want to know more about TMHPR?  We are a non-profit dedicated to the lives of dogs and cats who need us.  Please use the links below.




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