Dec 23rd: Spotlight: The Presidential Puppies

Meet our Presidential Puppies!

As we near the end of 2016, we cannot pretend that the Presidential Election did not play a major role in all of our lives.  So, in true rescue fashion, we chose to name a litter of puppies after some well-known U.S. Presidents of the past.


In Need of Rescue

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) was contacted by an area rescuer who was trying to help this Mom and Puppies realize a happier, healthier and safer life.  Mom, seen here, still trying to nurse some rather large puppies clearly needed help.  Photos make the most impact in situations such as this.

TMHPR knew the cold snap was coming and this family needed help, NOW!  With no shelter, no fence to keep them safe . . . . they were desperate.


After several days and a couple of trips out to the location, the family, who owned the Mama Dog, was willing to surrender the puppies, but they wanted to keep Mom.  This is where rescue gets REALLY hard.  The opportunity is there to help the littles, but how do you work with an owner who wants to keep an unaltered dog who roams the area, sure to get pregnant again?

Education, offers to pay for vetting and a little negotiating . . . . TMHPR will take the three babies, if Mama is spayed AND she is kept safe and out of the freezing temperatures. Rescuers in the area continue to work with the family; and TMHPR takes care of finding Forever Homes for these Boxer/Shepherd Mix nuggets of napping greatness.


Napping Experts

So, these babies, like so many of our rescued pups need time to decompress after the are brought inside.  And they were excellent at it.


The first day, all three would crowd into the small carrier and slowly spill out onto the floor.  And as the days went on, slowly they would find that they could nap out in the open on the comfy beds.  They were safe.


There was also playing to be done; however, they had to learn that humans were kind first. With very little human interaction prior to coming to the Adoption Center, this too would take some time, and the quickest way for that to happen, get them vetted and into Foster Homes.


So, TMHPR went to work on these Presidential Puppies.  And this is what we found.

Silly Puppies existed when you were able to gain their trust, get those bellies full and help them feel their very best by ridding their little bodies of those nasty parasites.

They are truly silly puppies who are ready for their Forever Homes.  But, you must be ready for the master nappers that they are . . . .


Okay, so nothing crazy to see here.  Reagan and Jefferson snoozing after a long Meet & Greet. Don’t all puppies need a good nap every now and again?

But, this group of pups are experts.  Napping can be accomplished anywhere, anytime.

Jefferson DURING Meet & Greet.  Just can’t take it any longer . . . eyelids are just too heavy.  He hangs on for dear life as he catches some Zzzzz at the PotteryBarn event.


Lincoln finds the dogs in his foster home to be excellent nappers as well.  This boy will snooze on or with any canine, feline or human he can find.  He is not picky.  During the cold snap, he did this for 48 hours straight.

Well, almost . . . . breaks for meals and potty breaks.


No couch nearby?  No human lap or canine companions to snuggle?

No problem.

Reagan find the lower shelf at Hollywood Feed was comfy enough for a much needed nap. Don’t mind the dog on display, if her Forever Humans show up for a visit, just let her know!


So, if you are looking for that snuggly, loveable and 100% lap dog that will nap with you anywhere, anytime . . . . the Presidential Puppies may be just the furry family member you are looking for.


So, while they snooze away in their foster homes for Christmas, please consider sharing the Presidential Puppies’ story of rescue and readiness for their Forever Families to find them.  They are some of the smartest, funniest and most gentle babies you will find.

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