Dec 22nd: Spotlight on Alex: White Cat with the Orange Tail

It sounds like a character from a children’s book.  Alex, the White Cat with the Orange Tail.
And a great story it would be . . . here’s why  . . . Alex

As we have said on a number of occasions, Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) is known for taking the hard cases.  Most of those “hard” cases involve medical needs.  This is exactly how Alex came to be a TMHPR kitten.

Once Upon A Time

A tiny white cat with the orange tail was brought to Richardson Animal Shelter with a broken leg.  A hero had to be found, so their first call . . . . Elise with TMHPR!!  She helps all of the hurt kitties and puppies in the land!

File Oct 13, 7 49 52 PMAnd help she did!  So the little white cat with the orange tail and the big yellow cast went to a FABULOUS kitty foster home where he would meet other kitties and learn to be a loved kitty.

File Oct 13, 7 45 22 PM

And loved, he was.  And the name Alex was given to the white cat with the orange tail.  It was not long before his little leg had healed and he was ready to run about, build his strength and find a Forever Home of his own!

Growing Up Kitty

File Oct 16, 6 19 37 AM

As Alex continued to grow, the orange that started on his back would begin to change from a diluted orange to a brighter orange.  He also learned to use his leg again and found that running, jumping and playing was too much fun.  But, when he was all run out, the white cat with the orange tail would lay about catching sunbeams, dreaming of his Forever Home.

File Oct 13, 8 17 08 PM

Alex can often be found bowling in the sink bowl.  He loves to sit and wait for a drink of water.


Umm, little white cat with the orange tail has not learned that you don’t want to be IN the sink bowl when the water comes on!


His friend Sugar, (tabby) foster kitty in the home loved to play with him!  But, his foster brother, Colin (tuxedo) can be a bit of a fun-squasher.  Colin prefers the quiet and calm; not all of the scuddling about that occurs between Alex & Sugar.


But, they all live together quite nicely.  As long as they don’t bounce about while Sir Colin is tucked nicely into his box.  Rassling, tumbling and chasing is saved for the hallways and kitty cat trees in the kitty room.


When he is all run out, Alex & Sugar will cuddle together in front of the window and bath. They love each other so very much.  Maybe a Forever Home is out there who will love them both!

But, if not, the little white cat with the orange tail will need another cat friend to wrestle, chase and love.  Such a beautiful boy!

File Dec 03, 1 12 42 PM

Needed:  Happily Ever After

But, the story cannot end just yet for the ending is yet to be written.  Alex is now ready for his Forever Home.  He has no limitations due to his mended leg.  In fact, you would never know he was ever hurt!  Here is this beautiful boy showing off his hunting skills.  He is so proud to show of the mouse he has captured.

Interested in making the white cat with the orange tail a part of your family?  Visit our website and fill out the online application.  It would make Alex’s dream come true!

File Oct 13, 8 25 32 PM

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