Dec. 21, 2015 – Monday Meow

Welcome to our 4th Monday Meow! We know it’s the Monday before Christmas, so if you’re working on this day let us give you a short distraction! What better way to interrupt your work than with adorable kittens and precious cats that will steal your heart?

5 Weeks Old and Cute as Buttons!

You may recall Cali and her 3 kittens from our Monday Meow a few weeks back (, these kittens are now 5 weeks old and more adorable than we could have ever imagined! Buddy and Holly are the orange kittens, Midnight is the cute black one, and of course their mother is Cali, the torti.
These kittens will be available for “pre-adoption” soon. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook for updates. They’ll be listed on this page once available:!available-cats/c1t2t

Felines Celebrate Catmas… We Mean Christmas!

Our cats and kittens wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Stay tuned for more festive photos of our cats (and dogs), we’ll be posting them on Facebook and we’ll have them on our website as well!

Vinny The Wiggle Worm

Vinny is said to be quite the “wiggle worm” by his foster mom. Check out this sweet, short video clip of him rolling around on the floor. Don’t you just want to pet that little belly? He is so soft!
Here you can see Vinny, Sammy, and Denny playing around in their foster home. They absolutely love all of the wonderful cat trees they get to play on… it’s like a jungle gym for cats! Are you looking for an active young cat? Consider one (or two?) of these cool guys!
This is an “after” shot of how these guys chill while their foster mom cleans up after their shenanigans. They are worn out but not for long… they’ll be playing again in a few!
Click on their pictures above to learn more about them!
Just to make things super easy for you, here’s a link to our cat adoption application:!cat-adoption-application/c4hu

Janna Starts Her New Year’s Resolution

The cat team got together recently to discuss Janna. She’s a retired momma cat who came to us underweight and we’re ashamed to say that she is now very overweight due to living at the center for an extended period of time.
Her vet says that the weight issue is not due to any medical issues, so as a team we are going to do everything we can to get her back in shape… essentially we set her New Year’s Resolution for her! We’re hoping she can lose about 4 lbs or so, which may not seem like a lot but she’s a small cat!
We’ve begun changing her diet (much to her dismay) and have increased her activity level. Feel free to stop by on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm during our Meet ‘N’ Greet events to check in on her and maybe play with her for a bit!
We’ll be releasing updates on her progress here in the Monday Meow as well as on our Facebook page.

Chrome Likes Tummy Tickles

If you’ve ever tried to pet a cat’s tummy before, you may have quickly learned about that cat’s claws… but that’s not the case with Chrome! His foster mom reports that “Chrome is a cute boy who loves to have his tummy tickled and will reward with purrs and head butts”. That’s just awesome!
He is such an easygoing “teenager”, we can’t believe he hasn’t been adopted yet. To see more pics of Chrome (Warning: super cute, he has a tie on and everything) and to learn more about him, check out his profile.
Thank you for reading our Monday Meow, our cats and cat team appreciate it!
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