Dec 18th: Friday Update!

The MOST FABULOUS day of the the week . . . . 


So, let’s celebrate this fun and happy day with some fun and happy photos from this week!

Picasso Returns Home


Picasso completed a 6 week training session out at Circle Star in East Texas.
We learned some great techniques on how to help the boy bond with humans faster.
He has had some great training that is so important for this BIG boy.
Elise went and picked him up yesterday!


Picasso was so tired from his great adventure.
He kicked back last night in his Foster Home and relaxed.
We are still have $2,000 away from being able to afford his heart surgery.
We also need a medical foster or a foster-to-adopt for this sweet guy.


Puppy Snuggles!!

Emma is also kicked back and relaxed.
She loves a good tummy rub and cuddle time with Elise.
Emma is unsure of men and needs a home who understand her anxiety.
She spent her first year + on a chain in a trailer park.
She deserves the very best Forever Home.


She is truly a cuddle bug to women.
Elise wasn’t the only chosen one to receive “Emma Cuddles” last night.
Emma made sure all of those present at GNO had the opportunity to cuddle.
It is a rough job, but Emma is up for it.
TMHPR Alum, Mattie is taking a break from fostering puppies.
She is enjoying the time she has with her Mommy over the holidays.
Fostering truly brings out the best in your dog.
And you learn just how fabulous they really are.
And funny, I think they know how fabulous you are too.
What a bonding experience for Mom & Mattie.


Tiger even gets in on the napping.  We love seeing our pups in their Forever Homes.
We were told he needed a good nap after a morning of relaxing.
You have it rough, Tiger.  You have it rough.

Puppy Update = Pupdate

Riggs enjoying time with his Foster Family.
This boy is growing up to look so much like his Mama!
What a gorgeous terrier/hound mix!
Roo and her siblings have the most gorgeous gray eyes.
We are so hoping they remain this color!


And Mr. Bernard.  This guy is enjoying the sunshiny day with his foster Mom.
What a beauty!!  This litter of pups is about 8 weeks old now!


And we can’t forget brother, KnockOut!  He is enjoying time outside as well.
We love our fosters who give these babies such great experiences in their homes!


And lastly, a combo of puppies and snuggles.
Founder Elise, believes whole-heartedly in sending pups to
foster together until at least 10-12 weeks of age.  And this is why.
They still need a sibling to snuggle with, play with and learn with.
(Yes, I just ended all of those statements with the word, “with”.
My blog post, my grammar rules.)

Come see all of our dogs and cats on our website.

Have a great FRIDAY!!



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