Dec 15th: Pupdate!

We made it through another FABULOUS weekend at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR)!!
We had a busy Meet & Greet, lots of wonderful adopters came to meet dogs.  We took photos of new dogs.  We completed home visits.  Finalized Adoptions.  Attended a Private Holiday Party in Dallas to socialize our dogs and inform guests of our organization.
We took in six puppies on Sunday. Saw to it that they all headed to Foster Homes the same night. We emptied the Adoption Center!  We truly have the most amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to save these fabulous dogs!
And sadly, we can always fill it back up so quickly.  And we have.  Let’s catch everyone up!!

Gunner Update

This beautiful boy is smiling for the camera!!
His wound is healing nicely and he has been playing fetch for our volunteers.
And taking selfies! 
Ashley & Gunner at the Barkway in Richardson.
The boy needed a little sunshine and fresh air.
Thank you, Ashley for getting him out of the Adoption Center for a bit!
Gunner was a bit shy with the other dogs.
Seems that he wanted to make sure they were kind and gentle.
We never know what these dogs encountered when on the streets.
He loves to play fetch.
His neck wound is healing up so nicely.
The stitches should come out mid-week, next week.  Just in time for Christmas!
We are so hopeful that he will be in a Forever Home by then!


Emilia Update

Received this photo from Emilia’s foster today.
As you can see, she has it rough in her Foster Home.
That is Cloe on the upper left.  She was adopted by her Foster Mom.
Resident Dog, Shiloh is teaching both girls that the sofa is a dogs’ best friend.


Ian (Now Bear) Update

Ian went to his Foster-to-Adopt Home on Saturday morning.
He sent this photo to us.  Not sure what you think, but he may be happy.
Look at that smile!


Here he is with his brother, Barley.
Both boys love affection and love to wrestle.
Bear will need to go through heart worm treatment, before he is officially adopted.
Such a sad & scared boy walking aimlessly in the rain in South Dallas
just a couple of weeks ago.  Now he is walking with a friend,
on a leash with his Forever Family.

Eli Update

Eli headed home with Foster Mom and Alum, Rango on Sunday night.
Rango is the same size as Eli and will make a great play buddy.
It is apparent that Eli had not been house trained or crate trained.
He most likely lived most of his life outdoors with little attention.
This will be the perfect chance for his foster and Rango to help him learn how
to live inside a home, before he is adopted.
New Intake:  Pumpkin
Pumpkin was all smiles when he knew he was safe at TMHPR!
Pulled from a suburb’s animal shelter this boy was quickly
vetted and moved to a Foster Home.  Fosters save lives!!


As you can see, Pumpkin is a love bug.  Here he is getting lots of love from Ashley.
It must be hard waiting for your ride home.


Who could drop that cute face off at a shelter?
Sweet boy!

New Intake:  Hershey

Sweet & gentle Hershey found himself in a rural shelter, dumped by his owner.
He was too young and rowdy for the elderly resident dog.
So, he got the boot.


But, not before he had to live outside in the dirt.  He was left to endure the elements.
The elements meant dirt, grass, wind, rain, cold and heat.  AND fleas.
The water that came off of him was filled with fleas.
24 Hours after his freedom Ride!!
Clean, comfy and smiling in the Adoption Center.
Now he is waiting on a Foster Home.
This sweet boy loved the other dogs at the Adoption Center.
The enjoyed interacting with the volunteers.  Belly rubs were his favorite!!

New Intake:  Jax

Jax has been on our waiting list for a few weeks.
The ACO in Sulphur Springs partnered with TMHPR
to keep Jax out of the animal shelter.  Instead, the family
kept him until we had room for him.
At 10 months and about 100 lbs, Jax has had little interaction or training.
He was so excited to have some attention; and is a very sweet boy.
But, without proper training, even walking this much dog
can be dangerous if he were to start running.
So, off to Circle Star he will go on Thursday for their 30 day training program.We can’t wait to see what he becomes with love, attention and training!

We have so much more to tell you!  But, we will have it wait until our next Pupdate.  But, here is a hint . . . 

As always, thank you for sharing information about TMHPR with family and friends.  Here are some links to our Social Media sites, always more information can be found on any of these sites/apps.


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