Dec. 14, 2015 – Monday Meow

With just shy of 2 weeks left until Christmas and 3 weeks until the end of the year, we are beginning to wind things down for the year… just kidding! Our cat team has been busier than ever with all of the wonderful cats, kittens, and “teenagers” in foster homes and living at our adoption center. We are thankful that all of the cats in our program have a warm and dry place to call home while they await their forever homes.

2 Weeks Old & Cute As Can Be!


Loki’s kittens are already 2 weeks old and growing like adorable, fluffy little weeds! Their foster mom had this to say about them: “They now take up entire circle bed. They all have opened their eyes and are moving with more intent. They even sorta play by licking each other’s ears, stretching and pushing on each other for reactions. The darker tabby likes to be tickled!”

I don’t know about you, but there’s an agreement in our group that there’s nothing cuter than a bed full of sleepy kittens! We can’t wait to see more of their personalities develop in the coming weeks.


Here are a few more photos of earlier in the week as their eyes started to open! We have such wonderful foster homes, this one has been there every step of the way to keep everyone updated on their developments.

SoDa Is Back With More Dress-Up Photos


SoDa is trying on every outfit in his closet to prepare for Christmas… he knows he has to look extra fancy for Christmas and New Year’s in a few weeks!

Jamie & Jenny just couldn’t let their foster brother, SoDa, get all the attention! They are both getting the hang of the dress-up thing, but SoDa really loves it more than they do, according to their foster mom/manager! We’re fulling expecting these 3 to start charging us soon for these outfits we put on them, but until then we’re going to keep the cute and silly outfits coming while we can.

Ellis Stops By To Say “Hi”!


Ellis was adopted in 2014 by his foster mom (some call it a Foster Fail, but we call it a Foster Success!). He and his mom have been watching photos of some of the other cats in our program lounging on their foster mom’s lap, so they wanted to create a similar image.

We love seeing updates from TMHPR cats, so if you’ve adopted from us, please send us an email or share a photo on social media for us to see!

Update On The Triplets


Sammy (top left), Denny (bottom left), and Vinny (right) are all showing their photogenic side this week! They have been introduced on our Facebook page, and are now just waiting on the right families to come along and snatch them up.

The best thing about these guys is that they all have different personalities! Sammy is aloof and silly, Denny loves to watch the birds out the window, and… as you can tell from the photo Vinny likes to lay in laps… a lot!

Meet ‘N’ Greet Wore Out Toby & Trevor


As expected, spending Saturday at the adoption center waiting for forever homes to come along, Toby and Trevor were exhausted! Their foster mom shared this photo with us after they got back home and snuggled into their favorite spot.

Our hope is that some day soon they will no longer have to come to the adoption center seeking their forever homes… because they will have them! Wouldn’t it be great if they could find their forever homes by Christmas so that they could be home for the holidays? Share their info with anyone you know looking to adopt a kitten, they sure would appreciate it, thanks!

Toby’s info:
Trevor’s info:


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