Dec 12th – Marmalade Spotlight

We have been having so much fun with Marmalade, while she has been living at the Adoption Center.

The idea of having a rescue cat not living in a foster home is not ideal; however, sometimes it is necessary to get an idea as to what kind of foster family . . . and forever family they will need.  And this is what we have been doing in Marmalade’s case.

Spotlight Marmalade

Spotlight on Marmalade

Marmalade has truly benefitted from this temporary arrangement.  She has learned that people can be kind and loving.  Rescued from a volunteer’s backyard, literally living in a tree with her babies, Marmalade was a bit fearful of what life inside, with humans would be like.


Marmalade has volunteers visit with her every day.  This constant stream of loving experiences between cat and human has taught her that living with humans is pretty great. The beds are softer, the climate is comfortable and the birds are easier to catch. <wink>

Marmalade Loves to Play

She is all cat as she stalks “da bird”.  And then she has these moves that remind you of Parkour as she chases the prey.  Bouncing, jumping, pouncing and then eventually settling in nice and smug as she enjoys her “win”.


This is Marmalade’s chance at being a kitten.  The streets don’t allow for kitten antics or even a calm and sound sleep.  A Forever Home should give Marmalade exactly what she is looking for, lots of fun games and interaction, but also a place where she feels that she is in a safe place to rest.


Is Marmalade a lap cat . . . . she is learning.  And after she spent a year on her own in unsafe conditions, on the streets and in the trees, it is all we could have hoped for, for our Marmalade.

If you would like to meet Marmalade, and offer her a Foster Home, where she could continue to learn how wonderful home life is, please visit our website and fill out a Foster Application.


Interested in adopting Marmalade?  Can you offer her play time?  Nap time?  And lots of love and understanding as she learns to trust and bond with you?  Please visit our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  The application is the 1st step.

Can’t foster or adopt right now?  Please share our Marmalade’s story as she dreams of a Forever Home and sharing spreads the word about this fabulous cat!

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