Dec. 12th: Gunner Pupdate

We have a quick update on our beautiful, young lab mix, Gunner.

As you will recall, Gunner was found last Sunday wandering the streets by a fireman in South Dallas.  The boy had a very infected wound on his neck caused by either an embedded collar or a very heavy chain.  His rescuer took him home and cleaned out his wound.

Prior to cleaning


After initial cleaning.
What is truly amazing is that this boy holds no ill will toward humans.  He is sweet, loving and happy to see anyone who passes his kennel. He is going to make some active family, so very happy.  But, first we have to get him healed and ready for adoption.
Yesterday was the BIG surgery day.  Gunner had his 11 inch wound closed up.  The surgery took all morning for Dr. Miller at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital.  Cleaning the wound completely took a lot of time and patience.  We do not know how many stitches were used, as they do not count with this large of a wound.
Looks much better all closed up.  Now for some healing for this sweet boy.


Gunner resting last night in his kennel.
He will have lots of love today, during Meet & Greet.

To add insult to injury, Gunner was also neutered.  Owwww . . . 

Thank you to all of the donors who made it possible for TMHPR to take this boy in and afford these medical bills.  He is so worth the save . . . . but then we think they all are “worth the save”.

Gunner continues to rest & recover in a kennel in our Adoption Center.  We would love to see him go to a Medical Foster Home.  Someone who is home more than not, and can who can monitor the stitches.  It is important to keep him safe and on restricted activity while the wound heals.

If you are an interested Medical Foster or know someone who is, please share our website information. 





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