Cupcakes, Kittens, and much more!

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, this Monday Meow is packed full of cute cat and kitten adorable-ness!


This week, we have Cupcakes and Kittens (no cuter combo exists, we’re certain), we have a texting cat, we have kittens playing while waiting for potential adopters, and we even have a handful of new cat and kitten glamour shots for you!

You’re Invited – This Saturday!


We hope to see you at our Cupcakes & Kittens Shower this Saturday!

There will plenty of cute kittens (and cats) to cuddle as well as kitten shower games, and some delicious snacks and refreshments. You won’t want to miss out on this fun time among other “cat people”.

Click here for more info or invite your Facebook friends!


Sugar is a “Techie” Cat

Recently, Sugar has surprised us (and her foster mom!) with some new skills. Apparently she has the ability to not only play with “her” tablet, but also text a TMHPR volunteer! You read that right, Sugar is so smart that she was able to open Facebook Messenger and send Phyllis (devoted volunteer and cat foster) a message on none other than her birthday!


While it’s true that the message didn’t quite make sense to us humans (we’re sure it means something in cat-talk), it’s the thought that counts. Also, she started out her message with BFF, which is perfectly fitting because Sugar is BFFs with just about everyone, including her foster brother Colin!

PS: We’re hoping that she gets better and better about texting/teching and maybe she can join our Social Media Team!


Meet & Greet = Playtime

Look at Trevor, Toby, and Calypso go! Our weekly Meet & Greet adoption event is often a fun playtime for the kittens who attend. We love to get the cats and kittens playing with laser toys, feather toys, and more so that potential adopters can see what wonderful personalities these felines have.

Watch Trevor, Toby, and Calypso having a good time, then head on over to fill out an adoption application, because we know you just can’t pass up these fun and affectionate young cats.


Glamour Shots

You may remember “glamour” shots from the mall back in the 90s… full of teased hair, over-the-top lighting, and best of all, the outfits and accessories! Well, these are new-and-improved glamor shots that our wonderful volunteer photographers take to help showcase our gorgeous cats!

These are just a few of the photos taken over the last week or two, photographing our cats and kittens is no small task. We so appreciate our volunteer photographers!

This just goes to show you, no mater what your talents, we can probably use them! If you have a talent that you’d like to volunteer, just let us know.

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