Crook (Mack) Awaits His Forever Home

The photo above was shared by a foster home volunteer.
Just look at the photo for a minute.
What do you see?

Two old souls who have been together a long time sharing the window?  Just waiting for the movement of a bird or a squirrel?

Two buddies who pass the day in the sun beams?

Well, sort of, but not really.  

Beauregard is the large Shepherd who was saved from death row.  I think his name suits this regal creature quite well.  He now belongs to a wonderful Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) volunteer.  And Crook is the foster cat currently living in her home.

You see, packs come in all shapes and sizes.  (See blog discussing packs, here.)

Crook was living on the cold
streets in search of someone to take him in, feed & love him. He has
obviously been an indoor cat; however, for some reason he found himself living
outside in the harsh elements.
By the kink in his tail, it has been broken at some
point. Therefore, he has fondly been named, Crook.

Crook found a couple of good
samaritans who took him in and contacted TMHPR. He is now
living in a foster home with four other cats and two large dogs. He has made
friends with all of them as he is lover and not a fighter.
Trusting a large dog like Beauregard was a huge step for him.  And I think he and Beauregard should be congratulated for that feat.
He spends hours lounging on a cat
tree watching the birds and squirrels play outside. 
Crook is an active boy with
lots of personality. He will be happy to help you with your chores, as he can
open cabinets, doors and drawers of all shapes and sizes. He is very smart and
inquisitive. It is fun to watch him quickly figure out how to do something.
He is a boy who will need to be
kept busy with toys, a little catnip and lots of attention. Crook will reward
you with a ton of love and purrs.

He has no desire to go back
outside to live and will be very happy to sit in the window and watch from the
safety and warmth of the indoors. When nighttime comes, he is ready to snuggle
in with his pack.
Interested in meeting Crook?
Email us at to find out how to meet Crook!
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