Chief Sends An Update

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) received an update from Chief just this week that he wanted us to share.  


Dudes, it is me Chief!!  Seriously!  

Just checking in cause I have a new little buddy that needs your help.

Are you new to the TMHPR blog?

Well, welcome to the best volunteer community out there!  Seriously!  Let me fill you in a bit about me, so you know I’m legit.

Dude, here I am before my friends at TMHPR took me in.  Not looking so hot, huh?  I was hurtin’ in the worst way.

Some nice lady found me like this and took me for help.  The great people at the Balch Springs Animal Shelter fixed me up and called their buddy, Elise.  (Now my buddy.)  We won’t discuss the evil person who shot me.  I don’t think about that anymore.


This is the coolest dudette around, Elise.  We are celebrating my freedom ride.  We were both making silly faces while we waited in line for my meds.  She is like the coolest ever.

I hung out in the Adoption Center for a while getting to know all of the volunteers.  They are all awesome.  And then this ice storm was coming, so this cool kid & his family took me in as a foster.  They didn’t want me getting stuck up there in the cold.  It was just temporary.
Well, temporary my tan hiney!!!  They fell in love with me & I fit just great on their couch, ummmm and maybe their bed.  Some may call me a foster fail.  But, I think I’m a foster success!!
Enough about me & my story, this is about my new little dude, Benedict.

So, this little dude came to visit us when he didn’t have a foster home to call his own.  His cool brother had been adopted and he was all lonely up at the Adoption Center.  So, he has been hanging with me.

I’ve taught him lots of cool stuff.  He is excellent at napping on the couch.  Like really excellent.

He an amazing wrestling partner.  And loves to take in a Little League ball game. 

And he has this really awesome personality.  See he even smiles for selfies like me!!


This little dude needs a home to call his own.  Can you help him out?  

Go & fill out an application to adopt him!  You won’t be sorry.  

And he will be at Meet & Greet tomorrow.  But, you may want to fill out that application first, cause the early dog gets the bone!

If you can’t take my little dude in forever, how ’bout sharing his story with your friends?  He would be an awesome dude for an awesome family.

Well, I’m outta here —- off to wrestle with my buddy and practice our napping.

I’ll check in with ya later.  Vanessa, give ’em that website for that application, pro favor.

Thanks, Chief


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