Chief is in the TMHPR House!!



Meet Chief!

No, I mean you can really meet Chief.  He has made the trek from Balch Springs to the Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) Adoption Center in Richardson, Texas.

If you haven’t heard Chief’s story, here is a link to the Channel 8 news story that ran late last week.

Long story short, he was found by a Good Samaritan who noticed he had a wound on the left side of his face that had become badly infected.  When the wonderful folks at the Balch Springs Animal Shelter had him vetted, they found it had actually been shot in the face.

Yes, I said shot in the face.  Everyone who hears this story has the same reaction.  “What?  Did you just say shot in the face?”

Fast forward thru the rough stuff.  Days of surgeries to clean the wound, remove shattered teeth, gather bullet fragments from his face and finally being neutered & updated on all vaccines.  (All of the vetting was 100% paid for using monies donated from kind and caring folks who wanted to help Chief.)

Yesterday, he took his first steps to the rest of forever.  He gave goodbye hugs and kisses to his fabulous docs and nurses who have taken such great care of him.

He jumped in the truck with Marlene & Elise.  He did not choose to sit in the back, he decided Marlene’s lap was the place to be.  It is much easier to give and get kisses in the front seat!

Upon arriving at the Adoption Center, he learned that there are so many new friends to meet and greet. His tail does not stop wagging!!  He is such a happy boy and loves people.

Amazing reaction after he has been so mistreated by man.  Maybe he knows he has hit the jackpot!  TMHPR is an amazing place to begin the rest of your life.

So, as he went to bed last night, he curled up on a warm stack of blankets with toys to keep him busy.  And received much love from the 8pm volunteer crew who gave him lots of love with lots of hugs, kisses and scratches behind the ears.


But, don’t worry.  He will not be in a kennel long.  TMHPR is a foster based program, so he will be going to a pre-approved foster home soon.  Today the staff & volunteers will be temperament testing him in order to place him in the perfect foster home where he will grow and thrive while he waits for his forever family.

This is not the end of Chief’s story.  Check back for updates on Chief and learn the stories of other dogs & cats like Chief looking for their forever homes.

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