Food Donations

Fridays are always fabulous at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR). We’re not going to sugar-coat things – Fridays are busy, tough, and exhausting, but also very rewarding! Thanks to, we receive a weekly donation of pet food and supplies.

Thank you Budget Truck Rental for supporting this project each week!

How Did This Come About?, founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day, both animal lovers, were looking for a way to satisfy an undersaturated online pet supply retail market and yet still help the homeless dogs and cats. We were so excited to be accepted into their philanthropic rescue and shelter program dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that assist pets in some way. In mid-February 2017 they opened a distribution center in DFW. In March, we began our joint partnership.  Since the partnership has been formed, things have never been the same for the rescue community around TMHPR or the DFW area.

As you can imagine, in the process of shipping dog and cat food and other supplies to the Chewy facility some packages are damaged. That’s where TMHPR comes in – is generous enough to donate the products they cannot ship to their customers to TMHPR, and we distribute the goods to over 125 rescues, feral feeders and street feeders in the North Texas Area.  All of the products are completely usable and the rescued pets do not care that the bag is torn or the box is dented.

When we picked up our first donation from, our volunteers realized the enormity of the generosity. We also immediately realized that the weekly donations could be used to help so many other rescues as well. We hit the ground in search of other rescues we could share this fortune with.

How Does It Work?

Once a week Take Me Home Pet Rescue gathers as many as 15 volunteers, rents a moving truck (now a 27 footer!), brings along  volunteers who also drive their own trucks, and load up.  We also have expanded the program to include a scheduled pick up on Mondays by Streets to Sheets in Waxahachie.  They distribute goods to rescues in the Southern portion of the Metroplex.

After the donations are loaded, it’s brought back to the TMHPR Adoption Center in Richardson, where the products are unloaded and sorted by pet species, dry or wet food or other products such as kitty litter, puppy pads, etc. The food and supplies are then further sorted to earmark for different organizations and causes who have been invited to pick up supplies that can then supplement the donations they receive from their donors.

Every week we have been adding additional rescues to our working list who are in need of food or other supplies. We confirm the brand of food they need, and invite them to pick up the supplies the day of the big delivery based on a monthly rotation. We have been able to help OVER 125 rescues, including feral cat feeders, street dog feeders and groups working Outreach Families in the North Texas Area!

(Please note, we can only provide food & other products to those who can come to our Adoption Center in Richardson, Texas or to the Streets to Sheets location in Waxahachie to pick up the products.)

If you’re an organization in our area in need of pet food donations, please click here to begin the approval process.

How Can You Help?

Volunteer for Loading or Unloading

Loading volunteers begin their day at 9 am on Fridays. From 10am to 11:30am they load up all of the donations at the distribution center. Once everything is loaded up, they make their way back to the TMHPR adoption center in Richardson, Texas.

Upon arrival at the adoption center, our unloading and sorting volunteers take over! They begin unloading the truck and sorting all of the donations so that they can be shared with many other rescues based on the rescues who have confirmed an arrival time.

Want to help? Click here to let us know, we’d love to have you!


Monetary Donations

There are some costs associated with transporting the food and other donations as well as dispersing these donations to other area organizations. If you’d like to donate funds towards our weekly project, please click here. These donations are tax-deductible and support transportation of the donations, lunch for our volunteers, and other miscellaneous costs to keep this project going. We also accept donations via cash or check at our adoption center.